Town Hall 10 Max Levels List (2024) Highest TH10 Heroes, Defenses, Troops, Fastest Time

It is not easy to reach town hall 10 max levels in the shortest amount of time. By the time you reach TH10, you already know that patience is important in the clash of clans.

You might have an engineered base rushed up to town hall 10 but if you upgrade your base beyond this level then you would gain nothing. This is because the game gets competitive at TH10 and onwards.

TH10 is called the highest Town hall level of middle-order in clash of clans. You need to max out your TH10 base so that you unlock great achievements and keep your game interesting for higher town halls.

What is the max level for Town Hall 10?

At Town hall 10 you will unlock 12 new buildings. The total number of buildings will reach 113. 

You need to upgrade around 80 of these buildings to reach the max level of TH10.

You will also unlock 25 walls thereby increasing the total wall piece count to 275. Now you can cover more than 90% of your home village base.

Again we will divide our upgrades into four types – Resource buildings, Defenses, Army Buildings, and Traps. Apart from this, we will also share the max hero levels, troop levels, and spell levels at Town hall 10.

UPDATE: You can upgrade your Blacksmith to Level 3 at TH10

Barbarian King’s special ability Vampstache is unlocked at level 3.

Town hall 10 max upgrades list for resource buildings

Town Hall 10 Max Levels List
Town Hall 10 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector137
Gold Mine137
Elixir Storage114
Gold Storage114
Dark Elixir Drill73
Dark Elixir Storage61
  • At TH10 your seven elixir collectors will need to be upgraded to the next level 13.
  • Your gold mine will also ask for an upgrade to level 13.
  • Your elixir storage won’t need any upgrade.
  • Similarly, your gold storage too will stay at the same level. This means your storage capacity at TH9 and TH10 don’t have many gaps.
  • Your three dark elixir drills will reach a peak level of 7.
  • Interestingly your dark elixir storage will also stay on the same level.
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Town hall 10 max levels for army buildings

Town Hall 10 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Army Camp84
Spell Factory51
Clan Castle61
Dark Barracks61
Dark Spell Factory51
  • Your four barracks will reach max level 12 and unlock Miner. Many to loot resources use this troop.
  • Your dark barracks will reach a higher level of 7 and unlock the dark elixir troop – Bowler.
  • Your army camps will see another upgrade at TH10. The four camps will move to max level 8 thereby increasing your total army capacity to 240 units.
  • The laboratory will reach level 8 at TH10.
  • Spell factory will touch level 5 at Town hall 10 unlocking the clone spell.
  • Your clan castle will also upgrade to level 6 increasing its capacity to 35 units.
  • Your dark spell factory will reach its highest level of 5. It would be the first building to max out in your game. You will unlock the final dark spell – Bat Spell.

TH10 Max Levels Defenses

Town Hall 9 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower137
Air Defense84
Wizard Tower94
Air Sweeper62
Hidden Tesla84
Bomb Tower42
Inferno Tower32
  • You will unlock the sixth cannon at TH10. The six cannons will ask for two upgrades and will touch level 13.
  • You will also unlock your seventh archer tower at TH10. The seven archer towers need to be upgraded twice to reach their max level of 13.
  • Your four mortar will see only one upgrade and reach max level 8.
  • Your four air defenses will also reach level 8 which is their maximum on TH10.
  • The four wizard towers will ask for upgrades twice and reach the max level of 9.
  • Your two air sweepers will max out at level 6.
  • The four hidden teslas on your base will max out at level 8.
  • You will unlock your second and final bomb tower at TH10. The two bomb towers will max out at level 4.
  • After unlocking your third x-bow you need to max the three x-bows to their max level 4.
  • Inferno tower will be the newest type of defense you unlock at town hall level 10. The two infernos will reach level 3 max.

Town Hall 10 Max Levels for Walls

Your 275 wall pieces will ask for an upgrade only once. It will touch level 11. I believe this to be a strong level. In most of my accounts, I do not worry about maxing out walls beyond this level.

TH10 Upgrade List and Max Level Traps

Town Hall 10 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Spring Trap56
Air Bomb45
Giant Bomb55
Seeking Air Mine35
Skelton Trap43
  • Your six bombs will max out at level 7.
  • Your spring traps will be the second building to reach their highest level in-game. The six spring traps will max out at level 5. But since you will unlock more spring traps on higher town hall levels therefore you won’t say goodbye as of now.
  • You will unlock one air bomb at TH10. You need to upgrade only this new trap to its max level of 4.
  • Your fifth giant bomb needs to be upgraded along with the four other giant bombs to their max levels of 5.
  • A Fifth seeking air mine will be available at this town hall. You need to upgrade the five mines to their max level 3.
  • A Third skeleton trap will also unlock at TH10. This will be the third building that reaches its highest level (4) in-game on Town hall 10.

Town Hall 10 Max Levels of Elixir Troops

Town Hall 10 TroopsTH9 Troop Levels
Wall Breaker6
Baby Dragon4
  • Barbarian will see an upgrade to level 7.
  • Archer will reach level 7.
  • Giant will max out at level 7.
  • Goblin will also peak at level 7.
  • The Wall breaker gets an upgrade to level 6.
  • The balloon will not see any upgrade on Town hall 10.
  • Wizard will max out on level 7.
  • The healer will also see no upgrade.
  • The dragon becomes useful again at TH10 after reaching level 5.
  • Pekka will see two upgrades as it reaches level 6 max.
  • Baby dragon will also see two upgrades and reach level 4.
  • Miner will also need to be upgraded twice as they reach level 3.

Dark Elixir Troops Levels at Town Hall 10

Town Hall 10 Dark TroopsTH10 Dark Elixir Troop Levels
Hog Rider6
Lava Hound3
  • Minions will have max level 6.
  • Hog rider will max out at level 6.
  • Valkyrie will upgrade to the max level of 5.
  • Golem will move to the next level of 5.
  • The witch will upgrade to level 3 max.
  • The lava hound will also have a max level of 3.
  • New Troop bowler will be upgraded to level 2.

Town Hall 10 Max Levels of Elixir Spells

Town Hall 10 SpellsTH10 Spell Levels
Light Spell7
Healing Spell7
Rage Spell5
Jump Spell3
Freeze Spell5
Clone Spell3
  • The light spell gets an upgrade to level 7.
  • The healing spell will also move to level 7.
  • Rage spell will sit out of this upgrade mania on yet another town hall.
  • Jump spell will touch the max level of 3.
  • Freeze spell will see THREE upgrades as it reaches to max level 5.
  • Clone spell needs to be upgraded twice to reach its peak level of 3.

Town Hall 10 Max Levels of Dark Elixir Spells

Town Hall 10 Dark SpellsTH10 Dark Elixir Spell Levels
Poison Spell4
Earthquake Spell4
Haste Spell4
Skelton Spell3
Bat Spell3
  • Poison spell upgrades to level 4.
  • Earthquake spell becomes powerful at level 4.
  • Haste spell sees two upgrades and touches level 4.
  • Skelton spell peaks at level 3.
  • Bat Spell becomes an important part of the game as it reaches its max level of 3 soon after unlocking.

What is the max level for Heroes at Town Hall 10?

You will have only two heroes at Town hall 10. The game introduces a new hero on alternate town hall levels. Therefore at TH10, you will only have Barbarian King and Archer Queen

Barbarian King Max Level at TH10

The Barbarian King will see only 10 upgrades at Town hall 10 and max out at level 40. This seems easy as compared to the mammoth upgrades of heroes on TH9. However, it will take a similar amount of time.

Archer Queen max Level at Town hall 10

The archer queen will also see 10 upgrades and peak at Level 40 on TH10. I prefer upgrading Archer queen first before Barbarian King. This is because Queen Walk is my favorite attack strategy.

How long will it take to max Town Hall 10?

Upgrading Town Hall 10 will take a considerable amount of time. With Two builders you have to devote 6 months 16 days and 1 hour to max out TH10.

Three builders will take 4 months 10 days and 16 hours. Four builders will do the same task in just 3 months and 8 days.

Five builders will take around 2 months 18 days and 9 hours to max out town hall 10.

Lots of players also unlock their sixth builder OTTO at town hall 10. If you have done the same then you can max out your TH 10 in just 2 months 5 days and 8 hours.

How do you get Max Town Hall 10 fast?

If you want to max out your tenth town hall fast then I would strongly advise you to max out your builder base to builder hall 9. Do the give missions to unlock the sixth builder OTTO.

You can use that builder to speed up your progress in the game.

How Much Gold do I need to max out Town hall 10?

A total of 233.58 million gold need to be looted to max out your TH10 base. Your walls will take 4.78 million gold to reach level 10. After that, you can use both gold and elixir to max it out.

A mix of 145 million of gold and elixir would be required to max out your walls.

How Much Elixir do I need to max out TH10?

You will need 119.1 million elixir to max out your town hall 10 base. Your laboratory will take 74.7 million elixir.

How much dark elixir do I need to max out TH10?

You will need to loot 2.21 million dark elixir to max out your heroes and dark troops. This is no easy task. Your heroes will need 1.44 million dark elixir whereas your laboratory will ask for a total of 775K dark elixir.

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