50+ Best TH9 Farming Base Links (2023) Copy Layouts of Anti Everything

When we talk about the best TH9 farming bases we often see the overuse of Town hall snipping. You should know that Town hall snipping does not work nowadays as it used to three-four years ago.

Your main focus should always be to protect your dark elixir storage even if you have to do it while giving away your gold and elixir.


Because Dark elixir is slow to mine and harder to loot. Also, you need this rare resource to upgrade your heroes as well as dark elixir troops.

How do you make a good TH9 farming base?

As said above, A good farming base would have its dark elixir storage protected by all defenses.

At TH9 you unlock two x-bows and if you place them perfectly then you can surely force your opponent to take a trip around the base while losing army troops one by one.

What does a TH9 farming base in COC do?

A Farming base is a base that protects resources like gold, elixir, and dark elixir even if they have to place their defenses out in open.

There are thousands of farming bases of town hall level 9 that you can find online but most of them fail to complete this basic checkmark or quality of a farming base.

Keeping this in mind we have chosen here 50+ best Town hall 9 farming bases that you can easily copy to your home village layout by clicking on the caption link.

town hall 9 base best defense 2022

th9 farming base Reddit

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TH9 Farming Bases Copy Layout Via Links

th9 base for farming

copy th9 farming base

top th9 farming base 2022

th9 best farming base 2022

th9 easy farming base

How long does it take to max TH9?

With 5 builders you will take around 31 days to max out all your buildings (resources, army, defenses, and traps). Apart from this, your laboratory will take around 50 days to max out all troop levels.

What is a good town hall 9 army?

My favorite Town hall 9 army is Gowipe. A Mass dragon attack is also a good choice but the four air defense and two x-bow along with the archer queen make it hard to score three stars with this army.

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