40+ Best TH8 War Base Links Anti Everything (2023) Copy Town Hall 8 Layouts

Are you looking for a TH8 war base design? Here we have chosen 40+ best town hall 8 base layouts that you can easily copy via the link for clan war leagues or clan wars.

Which is the best base for town hall 8?

If you are also wondering about the same question then worry not. When you move to town hall you will see that even though you have more defenses but now your base is prone to many mass attacks.

In such situations, you need a base layout that can protect you against mass Pekka, mass Valkyrie, mass hog rider, mass dragon, and gowipe attacks.

On this page, you will find the best war bases that can protect you against everything. These base designs won’t even give two stars to enemies. We have personally tested these bases even against town hall 9 players.

How do you copy a Th 8 base?

You can easily copy the design of these bases to your war base layout. All you have to do is click on the link and it will directly take you to the game. Your clash of clans account will automatically copy these bases.

What is the max level for Town Hall 8?

We have given a detailed overview of the maximum levels of all town halls. Kindly do check it.

Read Here – Town Hall 10 Max Levels List

How do you set up a town hall 8 in clash of clans?

It is easy to set up a town hall 8 in COC. The harder part is to make it secure and anti-everything. This is why you need to follow our guide which will help you to perform better in clan wars.

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Which Town hall 8 base design you liked the most?