30+ Troll TH7 Funny Bases (2023) Links for Town Hall 7 Designs

You will find many TH7 funny bases when you go on multiplayer battles. Usually, clashers who are focusing on engineered bases love to design troll bases for town hall 7 in clash of clans.

I have come across many funny and cool th7 bases but some of them were inappropriate. I think clashers should understand that people of all age groups play this game. Therefore they should avoid NSFW bases in a clash of clans.

After thoroughly circling the internet I finally come to design and share my own funniest TH7 bases.

TH7 Funny Bases Art

If you want to troll your attackers or clan mates then I would advise you to create bases that have pop culture references.

You can create dog bases or cat bases but these are classic designs. You should go a step ahead and create something that is either inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe or the DC Extended Universe.

The most important motif in any funny clash of clans base design is the walls. At Town hall 7 you have 150 walls that can go up to max level 7. The walls change colors multiple times during the upgrade. So you will have walls in colors of pink, purple, grey and wooden.

You should understand that these different colors too can give a unique meaning to your TH7 funny base.

People design their bases inspired by famous pop culture elements like Lord of The Rings, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Star Wars.

We have tried all kinds of bases before picking the funniest and hilarious town hall 7 base designs in coc. Check these out –

So these are our hand picked best TH7 funny base designs. Which one you liked the most? Don’t forget to share our post on facebook and pinterest as it motivates us to bring even better base designs for you.

Please note that you can easily copy these base designs directly to your home village layout. If you face any difficulty in this then do contact us and let us know in comments.

Most users often wonder if they should create a funny town hall 7 base. Well, that totally depends on you. If this is your secondary account then you can obviously go ahead and create one for yourself.

But if this is your main account then we do not recommend using a troll base. This is because it will become a weak base for opponents and they will loot all your resources plus trophy without any struggle.

Many clashers even use troll base in clan war league which is not appropriate. Your clan too might not like it so please be a good player and do not do such thing.