10 Best TH7 Attack Strategies and Army Compositions (2023) 3 Star Clan Wars, Trophy Pushing, Farming

Check out our best TH7 Attack strategies and army compositions for farming, trophy pushing, and clan wars leagues.

Town hall 7 gets a little competitive as compared to previous town hall levels. This is because a TH7 base has better defenses and a bigger base. This is why you should have a proper attack strategy in place so that you win every battle you go to.

How do you attack Town Hall 7?

At Town hall 7 you unlock one elixir troop and two dark elixir troops. The new elixir troop unlocked at TH7 is the mighty dragon which will become your favorite troop against any defense.

The two dark elixir troops unlocked at TH7 are Minions and Hog rider. You can use minions for farming whereas Hog rider becomes an easy replacement of giants due to its ability to jump over walls and clear hidden defenses.

At Town hall 7 you also unlock the rage spell which gives leverage to your attacking units. However, many clashers love town hall 7 because they get to unlock their first hero The Barbarian king which becomes a crucial part of the various army combos.

Here take a look at the stats of all troops available on TH7 –

TroopLevelTraining CostTraining TimeDamage Per secondHitPoints
Barbarian41005 Seconds1885
Archer42006 Seconds1633
Giant4150030 Seconds24600
Goblin4807 Seconds2450
Wall Breaker4120015 Seconds20×4035
Balloon4350030 Seconds72280
Wizard4220030 Seconds125135
Healer260002 min48 HPS700
Dragon2120003 min1602100
Light Spell4100003 min240
Heal Spell4190006 min1200 total heal
Rage Spell4260006 min160%
Minions2536 sec4163
Hog Riders2341 min 30 sec70312

If we take a look at these troops we will easily get overwhelmed with all the crazy options for new armies. However, not all army combinations work well. We present you 10 best army combinations that you can use for different purposes.

What is the best attack strategy in COC?

th7 attack strategies

The strategy should follow certain fixed rules. First of all, you have to make sure there is no troop in the opponent clan castle. You can use a disposable troop like wall breaker or archer for this. If a clan castle troop comes out then you need to kill it before deploying your whole army.

Secondly, you need to attack from the side where the town hall is nearest. This increases your chances of winning atleast one star. Third, you should take powerful troops in your clan castle. Prefer troops that attack defenses like balloons, giants, or hog riders.

Builder Hall 2 Max Levels List

What is the best army for Town Hall 7? Army 1 – Dragons

The answer is simple – Mass Dragons with Light Spell. Yes, the dragon spam attack is feasible in any situation. You can carry out farming, you can do trophy pushing and you can easily test it in clan wars league.

  • Army Composition – 10 Dragons, 6 Light Spell
  • Training Cost – 180K Elixir
  • Training Time – 30 Minute

The tactic is simple. Locate the air sweeper on the base. You have to deploy your dragon behind it. Now locate air defenses and strike 5 light spells on the air defense which is far away from your dragon’s end. Strike light spell in such a way that it either affects or destroy the nearby defenses.

After this deploy all dragons in one line and watch overkill the base. Use the remaining one light spell on any air defense that seems to be troubling. Your barbarian king should also be deployed near a troubling air defense.

Army 2 – Goblins Spam [town hall 7 army for Farming]

  • Army Composition – 200 Goblins, 6 light spells
  • Training Cost – 76000 Elixir
  • Training Time – 23 min 20 seconds

This is my favorite army for farming for all town hall levels. You can make some changes like instead of taking 200 goblins you can take 100+ goblins along with archers and/or barbarians. The light spell is chosen because it can destroy resource buildings that are out of the goblin’s reach.

Do remember that this army won’t win you any trophies. This is just to loot resources from an opponent base in the least amount of time. If you include archers or barbarians then you can hope to win at least one star from it. This army will max out your storage in no time which you can use to upgrade your town hall defenses or other buildings.

Army 3 Dragarch town hall 7 army For Trophy Pushing

  • Army Composition – 8 dragons, 40 archers, 3 rage spell
  • Training Cost – 182k Elixir
  • Training Time – 28 minutes

The highest trophy record for town hall 7 is 2874 trophies. Usually, I don’t advise going this high in trophy range but many players want to cross the 2K trophy mark to win gems from achievements.

This is why we need a powerful army that we get in Dragarch. Why we are not doing mass dragon spam? This is because when you cross the 1500 trophy mark you will start getting matched with TH8 and even TH9. These town halls are way too powerful for dragon spam. Therefore we go for the dragarch combination.

The 8 dragons are deployed from the point where the town hall is the nearest. Deploy 4 dragons at one point and 4 dragons around 4 tiles away to the other point. Use rage spell when dragons are near town hall or any air defense.

When the dragon dies out then deploy barbarian king and archers at points where no defense can reach them. This way you will get 50% damage for sure.

Army 4 GiWiArch best town hall 7 army for Learning

  • Army Composition – 15 Giants, 15 Wizards, 6 wall breaker, 53 archers, 3 heal spells
  • Training Cost – 130300 elixir
  • Training Time -21 min 48 seconds

I would emphasize again funneling. You need to perfect the art of funneling before reaching town hall 10 or above. This is because at higher town halls ground attacks surpass air attacks. You need to funnel in air attack too but the ground attack is more popular.

You need 4 wall breakers to break TH7 walls. You will deploy one wall breaker in the clan castle range so that it brings out any hidden cc troop. If there is a troop then call it to the edge of the base and kill it with wizards.

Deploy Giants in one go and use a wall breaker to make way for them. Deploy one wizard and two archers on the edges of the external building so that your barbarian king and remaining troops enter inside the base. Once you are inside the base use heal spells on giants near wizard towers. Beware of giant bombs as these can take out all your in-range wizards in one splash.

Army 5 HO-HO-Hog best th7 army for trophies

  • Army Composition – 34 Hog riders, 15 minions, 3 heal spells
  • Training Cost – 57K elixir, 1231 Dark elixir
  • Training Time – 1 hour

This is by far the costliest army of TH7 that is successful in trophy pushing. It uses a hell of a lot of dark elixirs so don’t use it if you are low on D.E.

Most new players try to use a healer with a hog rider but it is not a feasible option since hogs move in the base rapidly and a healer can not keep up with their pace. You can use 30 archers in place of 15 minions but I use minions since they provide an advantage over ground attacking defenses.

The tactic is simple you have to deploy hogs in a group of 5 such that each group enters a different compartment of the base. Use heal spell in such fashion that it doesn’t overlap and covers hogs that are near wizard tower.

Keep your hogs away from the opponent king as the king will kill them. Bomb tower is also a problem for hogs since it blasts after destruction. You have to master the art of giving heal to your hogs. Once the air defenses are down you can use minions to clear out the base along with the barbarian king.

Army 6 GiWiHe th7 attack strategy and army for 3 Stars

  • Army Composition – 15 giant, 15 wizards, 5 wall breakers, 2 healers, 27 archers
  • Training Cost – 135K elixir
  • Training Time – 22 min 57 seconds

The 15 giants should be deployed after killing CC troops. Your wall breaker will make way for your giants towards two nearby air defenses. Use heal spell on giants whenever they are dealing damage from mortar or bomb tower or wizard tower.

The wizards will be helped by archers to clear outside the base in no time. You can either deploy your healer over giants or over the barbarian king to get a sure shot 3 star on the opponent base.

Army 7 MinLoons TH7 Attack Strategies for Air Raid

  • Army Composition – 26 balloons, 35 minions, 3 rage spell
  • Training Cost – 169k Elixir, 175 dark elixir
  • Training Time -34 min

If you have not unlocked your dragons in all four barracks or if you want a different air raid army then this one is perfect for you. Deploy balloons in a group of 8 near each air defense. Use rage spell to power up your balloons.

Your minions will quickly clean up the rest of the base. Your balloons will struggle near the air sweeper therefore try to destroy it as early as possible. It is neither costly nor much time-consuming yet very effective army.

Army 8 DragLoon TH7 Attack Strategies for any Base

  • Army Composition – 5 Dragons, 20 balloon 3 rage spell
  • Training Cost –208K elixir
  • Training Time – 25 min

This is another cool air raid strategy where we will use a combination of balloons and dragons to three stars a base. Let me clear to you that this tactic is not easy to master.

Deploy two dragons first in the air defense range. Deploy balloons in groups of ten behind each dragon. Use rage spell on balloons so that they can wipe out air defense quickly. Now deploy three dragons near the reaming air defense. Use rage spell on three dragons to destroy the third air defense. Your barbarian king and the remaining troops will clear out the rest of the base.

Army 9 BARCH TH7 Attack Strategies that are Cost-Effective

  • Army Composition – 140 archers, 5 wall breakers, 50 barbarians, 6 light spell
  • Training Cost – 99K elixir
  • Training Time -19 min 25 sec

The good old BARCH is still effective on town hall 7. The only downside is that you might not win three stars but it is strong enough to loot the opponent and give 1 star atleast.

The wall breaker should be deployed out of mortar and wizard tower range. Use archers to cover the base from at least two edges. This will overwhelm opponent defenses. The light spell should be used to wipe out 1-2 mortar.

Army 10 TH7 Attack Strategies using all Troops

  • Army Composition – Barbarians, Archer, goblin, Giant, Balloon, Hog rider [5 each], 1 healer, 2 wall breaker, 6 wizards, 4 minions, 3 dragons, 1 heal spell, 1 rage spell, 2 light spell
  • Training Cost – 149.5K elixir
  • Training Time – 30 min 54 sec

This army will look confusing but why you should use it? Because at higher town hall levels you have to find proper co-ordination between different troops. Like in this army the Barbarians, archers, giants, hog riders, the wizard will work together to clear defenses.

The goblin, wall breaker, minion, and dragon will help them. The healer will heal the barbarian king. Use rage spell on dragons and heal on troops that get near wizard towers. The two light spells should be used on left-out defenses.

What is your favorite army combination? Do let us know in the comments.

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