Shadow Queen Skin – January 2022 COC Season Challenges Best Rewards

Shadow Queen will be the skin of January 2022. Clash of Clans Season Challenges have returned and the new year brought to us some exciting rewards to earn by completing interesting challenges.

We have started this section to help new clashers to beat these challenges and claim the associated rewards.

The January 2022 Clash of Clans Challenge will last 31 days and its main attraction is the Shadow Queen Skin.

You have to buy a gold pass and complete all challenges to unlock this beautiful skin. The gold pass costs only $4.99.

Shadow Queen Skin and Rewards

Here we list all the rewards that are on the table to collect this season. You can use these rewards to speed up your progress.

As in each season, the COC team rewards several magic items and loot bonuses on challenge completions. The final reward in free challenges Is the Book of Heroes whereas in a gold pass you will also earn the Shadow queen skin.

Here are all the rewards available as well as the points you need to earn for each reward –

Challenge PointsSilver Pass RewardsGold Pass Rewards
401 Gem Donations
80500K Elixir10% Builder Boost
12010% Training Boost
1601 Million Builder Gold10% Research Boost
200Bigger Season Bank
2605K Dark ElixirShovel of Obstacles
320Builder Potion
380500K Gold7X Wall Ring
440Power Potion
500Research PotionRune of Builder Gold
580Training Potion
660Hero PotionBigger Season Bank
740Rune of Elixir
8201 Million Elixir15% Training Boost
90015% Builder Boost
980Resource Potion15% Research Boost
1060Book of Spells
11401 Million Builder ElixirRune of Gold
1220Bigger Season Bank
130010K Dark ElixirClock Tower Potion
1400Book of Fighting
15001 Million Gold2x Super Potion
160020% Training Boost
170015K Dark Elixir20% Research Boost
185020% Builder Boost
20001.5 Million ElixirBigger Season Bank
2150Rune of Dark Elixir
23001.5 Million GoldBook of Heroes
24502x Hero Potion
2600Book of HeroesShadow Queen

As You can see in January 2022 COC challenges the clash of clans team has mainly focused on Gold rewards.

Shadow Queen
Shadow Queen

All potions are up for grab this month.

All books are up in rewards sections except the Book of everything. We already know that this is a rare book that is deemed very similar to the book of building.

The Hammers are still missing from the rewards section. But it’s okay as we can buy them using league shop medals.

How to Unlock Shadow Queen Skin?

Now let’s see how we can complete these challenges in a minimum amount of time. You can win 850+(60×7) = 1270 challenge points this week. Here are the active challenges that you need to compete –

Week 1 – January 1 to January 6, 2022

  • War Hero – Win 6x Clan Battles (200 Points)
  • Helping Hand – Donate 250 Housing Space worth of Troops (100 Points)
  • Destroy King Altars – Destroy 25x Barbarian King Altars (150 Points)
  • Victory Parade – Win 4x Multiplayer Battles Using Balloons (100 Points)
  • Double Cannon Trouble – Destroy 40x Double cannon in versus battles
  • Star Collector – Collect 15x Stars from Multiplayer battles

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Apart from this you also need to complete daily challenges 7 times this week these are –

  • Daily Battle Star – Get a Star in Multiplayer battle (20 points)
  • Daily Versus Star – Get a Star in Versus battle (20 points)
  • Daily Donations – Donate a total of 15 housing spaces worth of troops (20 points)

After calculating these missions strategy we deduced that you need to play a minimum of 6 clan wars, 25 Multiplayer battles, and 20 versus battles.

You can do that in a day or you can spread these challenges over a week.

Our special troop challenge this week is the victory parade which requires at least one balloon in army composition.

Army For Shadow Queen Skin

Now if you are like me then you might not have completed the events as well. 5 events are going in Clash of Clans apart from the January 2022 Season Challenge.

I will be completing these missions in a minimum amount of time. I will be using my town hall 14 accounts to complete these challenges.

The three troop related events are –

  • Roar For More – Win a multiplayer battle using at least 1 super barbarian.
  • Tiny and Shiny – Win Multiplayer battle using 30 goblin troops
  • Hog Heaven – Win Multiplayer battle using 12 hog riders

As of now we also have the 4x star bonus challenge as well as the January 2022 clan war leagues.

To earn maximum points from one single attack I will use an army that features all the required troops.

I will be using the GiWiPe strategy which can be easily copied by players TH 5 and above.

Here is my army composition – 9 Giants, 4 Pekka,12 Wizard, 12 Hog Riders, 31 Goblins, 1 Super Barbarian, 1 Balloon, 3 Wall Breaker, 4 Healing Spell, 1 Rage Spell, 1 Freeze Spell, 1 Flame Flinger.

You can easily copy my army.

To quickly win the war hero challenge just enter the clan war leagues with your clan. Now is a perfect time.

I will update this post with future challenges.

Shadow Queen
Shadow Queen