Is the resource potion worth it? (2023) Value Calculator and How to Use?

Does a Resource Potion Worth equal the 115 gems or 10 league medals? This question often comes up in the clash of clans’ forums.

Among the various potions introduced by the Clash of Clans team, the Resource potion was probably the least popular. The reason was simple – Even though it will boost your gold mine, elixir collector, and dark elixir drills but still it failed to produce enough for a builder to upgrade high-cost buildings.

What does a resource potion do in a clash of clans?

According to the Information tab of Resource Potion – It is a haste spell turned into a potion. It will boost your gold mines, elixir collector, and dark elixir drills for one day.  It is the pink-colored potion that you will see in the daily deals section from time to time or in the league shop.

How much it will boost? It will double the production rate.

So a max-out gold mine that is producing 6300 gold per hour will not produce 12600 Gold per hour. The same will be the case for Elixir Collector.

In the case of the Dark elixir drill, a level 9 drill can produce 320 dark elixirs per hour after the resource potion boost.

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How much boost does a resource potion give?

A resource potion gives you a 2x boost for 24 hours. We have calculated here how many total resources you will produce after using a resource potion for a day.

resource potion worth

How much does a resource potion make?

We did the Math. Here is how much Gold/Elixir the gold mine/elixir collector of each level produces.

Level Capacity Production Rate
1 1,000 200/hr
2 2,000 400/hr
3 3,000 600/hr
4 5,000 800/hr
5 10,000 1,000/hr
6 20,000 1,300/hr
7 30,000 1,600/hr
8 50,000 1,900/hr
9 75,000 2,200/hr
10 100,000 2,800/hr
11 150,000 3,500/hr
12 200,000 4,200/hr
13 250,000 4,900/hr
14 300,000 5,600/hr
15 350,000 6,300/hr

Now here is the Amount of dark elixir produced by each level of dark elixir drill.

Level Capacity Production Rate
1 160 20/hr
2 300 30/hr
3 540 45/hr
4 840 60/hr
5 1,280 80/hr
6 1,800 100/hr
7 2,400 120/hr
8 3,000 140/hr
9 3,600 160/hr

To simplify the terms we will take the highest level of gold mine/elixir collector which is currently level 15.

Since both elixir collector and gold mine produce equal therefore we can do the math for just one type and assume the same for the other.

A level 15 gold mine will produce 12600 gold in an hour after the resource potion boost. This will equal 302400 gold in a day.

This will be the gold produced by one mine. You can have a maximum of 7 gold mines or elixir collectors on your base as of now.

This means the total gold produced by all the mines combined would be 2116800. Elixir collectors will produce the same amount of elixir.

Now let’s take a look at the dark elixir drills. You have three drills and after boosting each level 9 drill will give you 320 units of dark elixir.

The three drills will give you 23040 dark elixir in one day of resource potion boost.

How much is a resource potion worth?

A Resource potion can be either bought using gems or by using league medals. It will cost 115 gems to buy resource potion from the daily deals section. Similarly, it will cost you 10 league medals to buy one resource potion.

Supercell also rewards resource potion in monthly season challenges and clan games. Apart from this, resource potions are also given as awards after completing events in the clash of clans.

Can you use 2 resource potions?

Yes, you can use two resource potions. But it won’t 4x the production for a day. It would rather increase the time frame to 2 days. The production rate of the boost will stay the same i.e. 2x.

Does resource potion stack with GEM boost?

You might already know that we can also 2x the production rate of our mines and collectors by using gems. Yes, the resource potion will stack with the gem boost, and the time frame will increase.

How to use resource potion in coc

Using resource potion is easy. All you have to do is click any gold mine or elixir collector or dark elixir drill. If you have a resource potion in your magic items then a pink-colored potion will appear. You have to click the pink bottle and then click OK.

It will double your production rate for the day.

Resource potion value – Is it Worth It?

So should you be focused on resource potion? As I have said, you can either buy resource potion via gems or buy it using league medals. Even though the price won’t seem high like builder potion or research potion but then again the returning value is also not high.

The amount of gold, elixir, and dark elixir produced by the resource potion in one day can be easily looted in just one hour. Therefore I won’t bother much about resource potion.

Now, what should you do with resource potion won in events or seasonal challenges? Sell It. In fact, at lower town hall levels if you are saving gems for the fourth or fifth builder then selling resource potion can help you in increasing your gems tally. A resource potion would give you 10 gems in the sale.

So in short don’t worry much about resource potion. Do not buy it. Rather save the gems/ league medals to buy a research potion or builder potion. If you somehow win it in any challenge/event then sell it in exchange for gems.

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