Is Research Potion in COC Worth it? (2023) Time Boost Calculator and Best Way to Use

Research Potion is my favorite among all the potions in the Clash of clans game. So if you want the long answer short then yes Research potion is worth every gem or every single league medal.

If you want the detailed answer then read on and see why research potion is way better than all the other potions provided by the Supercell game.

What Does Research Potions Do in Clash of Clans Game?

Like many other potions introduced by COC, research potions too make it easier to max out your current town hall by speeding up troop/spell upgrade in the laboratory.

This purple-colored elixir is often available for purchase in daily deals or you can buy it any time using league medals in the league medal shop.

How Much Time Boost Research Potion Gives in COC?

All potions give a boost for 1 hour. However, overall time reduction for different potions is different. A Research potion will give a boost of 24 hours in 1 hour.

research potion

In simple terms, it will reduce A DAY WORTH of upgrade in just one hour.

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How many gems is a research potion worth?

If the research potion is available in the daily deals drum then you can buy it by spending 120 gems. Please note that this price can go lower or even free during the holiday season.

How to get research potion coc?

Clash of Clans often gives free research potions along with other magical items during Halloween and Christmas.

In the league medal shop, you can buy this magical potion by spending 20 league medals which in my opinion is worth it.

Is it worth it to buy research potions?

Now let’s do the math. You do not need any calculator to learn how helpful research potion is.

You have only one laboratory in the game. Its task is to upgrade your elixir troops, spells and dark elixir troops spell to the next level.

You won’t find it intimidating till town hall level 7. Until TH7 your laboratory will take less time or equal time as compared to builders to max out the town hall.

However, after upgrading to town hall 8 you will notice that your builder will max out everything on your base whereas your laboratory will still be pending with troop/spell upgrades.

The difference is minor – Five builders take 22 days to max out TH8 whereas the laboratory takes 24 days to max out everything.

But this difference gets bigger as move up to higher town hall levels. For example, at TH9 your builders will max out the whole base in one month whereas your laboratory will take two months which is almost double.

You can not let your builder sit idle for one month just because your troop/spell upgrades are pending in the laboratory.

This is where research potion comes in handy. With multiple research potions, you can reduce the time taken by the laboratory to complete the ongoing upgrade.

Yes, you will need multiple potions to catch up with the builders but again it will tell you how important research potion is as compared to other potions.

Research potion coc calculator

Let’s analyze its worth in gems. A research potion is bought using 120 gems and gives 23 hours’ worth of extra time.

If you want to buy time using gems then 120 gems will give you 10 hours 40 minutes and 44 seconds.

You can clearly see that a research potion will give you around 12 hours 20 minutes and 16 seconds extra.  This is why research potion is worth every gem.

In the league shop too it is the most cost-effective potion as it only cost 20 league medals. If you are regularly playing clan war games then you will get anywhere between 250 to 350 league medals.

This will give you anywhere between 12 to 17 research potions. If you spend all-league medals on research potions then you will get atleast 15 days’ worth of advancement in-game.

This extra time you saved comes in handy at higher town hall levels.

When should I use research potion COC?

Since the time taken by the laboratory increases exponentially after town hall 8 therefore you should always use research potion after crossing this town hall level.

I advise you to must use a research potion in upgrading troops like a dragon, electro dragon, balloon, goblin, lava hound, and wizard. This is because these troops can push your trophy while also giving you loot in return. Upgrading them quickly will give you an edge when you have just upgraded to a new town hall level.

What happens if I use 2 research potions?

All potions stack over each other. Therefore if you use two research potions then they will add up the time and you will get 48 hours’ worth of time reduction. You can tack as many research potions as you want.

Since your town hall can store up to 5 research potions so it would be wise to buy five potions from the league medal shop then use them one after another. This will give you five days of boost. But do it only on powerful troops which I mentioned above. Don’t waste your time on upgrading troops like headhunters.

If you have any more questions regarding Research Potion then do let us know in the comment section.

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