Overview of the Most Instagrammable Countries in the World

The rise of social media has opened the door to a new kind of vacation: the Instagram vacation. No longer are we limited to sharing our experiences with friends and family through digital photos or email — now, we can share them directly with an audience of followers from around the globe. And it’s not just about quantity either; photo quality is crucial when it comes to growing your following. Therefore, you have to use high-quality post-processing tools like Vista to create engaging content.


Another important factor to consider is incorporating destinations that are both visually appealing and highly Instagrammable — or in other words, perfect for posting on Instagram — into their itineraries. If you’re planning your next vacation and want some ideas for where to go based on how much bang you’ll get for your selfie, here’s a list of the most Instagrammable countries in the world right now.



Italy may be one of the most-Instagrammed countries in the world, but that doesn’t mean its beauty has lost any of its lusters. The “Bel Paese” (as it’s often called) is home to a rich history and culture, as well as some of the most breathtaking architecture and landscapes you’ll ever see. Whether you’re admiring the Roman Colosseum, sipping coffee at a sidewalk café in Florence, or exploring the Tuscan countryside, there’s something to be captured in every corner of this European gem.


If you love city lights and dreamy skylines, then Singapore should be at the top of your list. This Asian hub is one of the most Instagrammable cities in the world thanks to its wide array of architectural landmarks, lush greenery, and stunning skyline. Whether you’re snapping a selfie at the rooftop swimming pool of Marina Bay Sands or taking a photograph of the iconic Merlion statue at the Singapore River, there are endless photo opportunities in this photogenic city.


If you love traditional aesthetics, then there’s no better place than Japan to satisfy your Instagram feed. From the bright and colorful patterns of kimono fabrics to the ornate architectural wonders of shrines and temples, this Asian country is, in many ways, the epitome of traditional style. And the city of Tokyo is where much of this culture is most readily visible, making it an ideal destination for those who want to capture some of the most Instagrammable places in the world.


If you love a good party, then you’ll feel right at home in Mexico. This Latin American country is well-known for its breathtaking beaches, beautiful architecture, and vibrant culture — all of which make it a prime destination for Instagrammers of all kinds. Whether you’re sipping tequila on a rooftop in Mexico City or exploring Cancun and its vibrant nightlife, there are countless ways to “like” your vacation in this paradise. You might even get your own hashtag out of it!


If gothic architecture and moody landscapes are your things, then Spain is the perfect destination for you. The country is home to countless buildings and landscapes that were heavily influenced by the dark and somber aesthetics of gothic architecture. Whether you’re exploring the city of Barcelona or the UNESCO World Heritage site of Sagrada Familia, there are countless Instagrammable buildings for you to photograph in Spain.


If you’re looking for a place to be “la vie en rose”, then France is the place for you. This European country is well-known for its vibrant gardens, rich cultural heritage, and romantic cityscapes — all of which make it a prime location for the Instagram feed of any globe-trotting photo enthusiast. Whether you’re capturing the Eiffel Tower in Paris or a quintessential French countryside landscape, there are endless ways to “like” your vacation in France.


If you’re looking for an Instagrammable vacation, then you’ve come to the right place. These are the most Instagrammable countries in the world based on the number of posts featuring each destination that have been hashtagged #instagrammable. Follow the tips and advice in this article, and you’ll be on your way to capturing the perfect Instagram-worthy shot in no time.