History of the classic VW Campervan!

Jun 4 2018, 1 50 pm

Updated Jun 4 2018, 1 50 pm

It’s safe to say that the VW Campervan is something of an icon. With the first VW ‘splitty’ being born in March 1950, they certainly  have made an impact on pop-culture since that day! If you’d like to learn more about where our lovely campers came from, then keep reading!

Believe it or not, the first proto-type design for what we know now as the split-screen camper was submitted in 1947! However, the vans didn't go into production until early 1950.

The first VW camper is born! At this point VW had committed to building 10 vans every day!

Jump forward a few years, and the first split-screen van goes on sale here in the UK for a whopping £668. Doesn't that seem crazy?! (that's around £17,500 in today's money.)

After 16 years of production VW built their 1millionth van! By this point splitty's had gained enormous popularity!

The VW campervan had became a staple of the hippy era. You only have to look at old pictures of 'Woodstock' to realise how much of an impact they were already having on pop culture!

Unfortunately, 1968 saw the year that VW ceased production on the iconic split-screen bus, however the bay-window is born! Hooray!

The time had come for VW to cease production on the bay-window van and enter into a new era of campervans. By this point VW had produced 4 million bay-windows and just shy of 1.5 million split-screen vans.

Although it was so long ago that VW ceased production on these iconic vans, the love for the vans has never dwindled and they still remain to be as admired as they were back in the summer of love! Today, you can find vans in all kinds of crazy colours and interiors and with some pretty crazy modifications! I wonder where the VW camper will be in the next 60 years…

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