Learn GoWiPe Attack Strategy (2024) Best Army Composition at TH8,9,10,11,12,13 and 14,15,16

Gowipe Strategy is one of the most popular attack strategies in clash of clans. You don’t have to worry about how to run a GoWiPe attack as we got you covered. Here we will cover all about what is a GoWiPe attack and how you can use it to your benefit.

GoWiPe refers to the army composition of Golem, Wizards, and Pekka – hence the name GoWiPe. While you can add other troops like archers, barbarians, and wall breakers too to the army but the main powerhouse of this attack is these three troops.

Is GoWiPe Good at TH8?

GoWiPe is introduced at town hall 8. This is when your Golem and Pekka are unlocked. It is also at Town hall 8 that you start getting competitive bases in match-making.

This is the reason why you need to devise a perfect attack strategy to earn perfect 3 stars.

The basic idea behind GoWiPe is to provide a meaty shield with high hit points (Golem) to troops with high DPS aka damage per second (Pekka and Wizard).

You will also need to add wall-breakers to the army so that you can funnel your Golems and Pekka inside the base.

Additionally, you can add archers or barbarians to bring out clan castle troops or to distract Heroes.

What Spells Should I Use with GoWiPe?

gowipe attack strategy

Since GoWiPe is a ground attack therefore you do not need to use lightning spells. You can try any combination of Healing and rage spells.

Most clashers love to take two healing spells and one rage spell. But you can also try 1 healing spell and 2 rage spells.

Along with this, you can take 1 poison or earthquake spell. Both dark spells work fine with this attack strategy.

Which Clan Castle Troop is Best in GoWiPe –

You can either ask for Giants or you can also mix it with any air troop-like balloon.

GoWipe is an evergreen attack strategy that can be tried at any level from TH8 to TH14. However, there are a few modifications on each TH level.

Here we will show you how you deploy GoWiPe attack strategy on each Town Hall.

GoWiPe Attack Strategy for TH8 –

At TH8 you get 200 troops unit space at the army camp. Your spell storage has a maximum housing capacity of 7 which equates to 6 elixir spells and 1 dark elixir spell.

Your clan castle can withhold 25 troops and 1 spell. You cannot get a siege machine at this TH but worry not as you can utilize your maxed out, Barbarian King. He is the only hero available at TH8.

So your GoWiPe army at TH8 should look like –

  • Golems – 2 (Level 2)
  • Pekka – 3 (Level 3)
  • Wizards – 10 (Level 5)
  • Archer – 11 (Level 5)
  • Wall breaker – 7 (Level 5)
  • Healing Spell – 1/2 (Level 5)
  • Rage Spell – 1/2 (Level 5)
  • Earthquake Spell – 1 (Level 2)
  • Giants/Balloons (CC Troops) – 5
  • Poison Spell (CC Spell) – 1
  • Barbarian King – Level 10

How to deploy troops in GoWiPe TH8 –

Follow these steps to easily score 3 stars against your opponent –

  1. Locate the Clan Castle on your opponent base.
  2. Deploy an archer near the CC range and bring out the opponent’s CC troops.
  3. Use Your King, Archers, and Wizard to Kill the CC Troop. Don’t use more than 3 wizards.
  4. Find the Shortest Path to the opponent’s Town Hall.
  5. Deploy both golems with a 2 tile gap between them.
  6. Deploy 2-2 wall breakers behind each golem.
  7. Deploy 3 Pekka and 5 wizards behind the golems.
  8. Deploy wizards in such a way that they destroy the outer base buildings and make a funnel for Golem and Pekka.
  9. If the buildings on the outer edge are not destroyed first then Pekka will move out and go around the base instead of going inside the base. Therefore deploy your wizards wisely.
  10. Deploy the final 3 wall breakers to destroy the inner walls (If Any).
  11. Use Heal Spell after your Golems are Inside the first layer.
  12. Use Rage spell on Pekkas when they are near Town Hall.
  13. If you have clan castle troops then deploy them from a different angle. Don’t deploy them too far away from your main troops. The main idea is to use them in helping golem and Pekka.
  14. Deploy 2nd heal spell whenever you feel necessary.
  15. Use the remaining archers and wizards to take out exterior buildings. A wise choice will be to use them on exterior defensive buildings that are already attacking your golem or Pekka.
  16. Enjoy the 3 Stars.

GoWiPe attack Strategy at TH9 –

At Town Hall 9 your army camp housing space increases by 20. Your spell storage increases by 2 and your clan castle capacity increases by 5 units.

Other than this you also unlock Archer queen that can do some serious damage. You still don’t get a siege machine which can be helpful in ground attacks.

The army compositions change a little bit. Since TH9 has 2 X-bow therefore we will take one more Pekka with us. Now we don’t know if the X bow is on the ground or air. This is why it is wise to bring an extra Pekka.

Here is the basic army structure

2 Golem, 4 Pekka, 10 Wizard, 8 Archer, and 6 wallbreaker.

3 Healing Spell and 1 Rage spell. You can try a combo of these spells but I found it most useful.

In Clan Castle ask for Giants or Balloons or Golem or Hog Riders.

Make sure all your army is maxed out.

How to Deploy Troops in GoWiPe TH 9

The steps remain the same as discussed above. However, there is one minor edit. You can save your one Pekka and deploy it along with your heroes and clan castle troops. Save 2-3 wizards that can be used with heroes and Pekka.

GoWiPe attack Strategy at TH10 –

On TH10 and after it, GoWiPe gives mixed results. This is because of the overpowered inferno tower that can easily take out Golem and Pekkas (if set on a single target).

Your healing spell will be useless against Inferno tower. If the Infernos are placed deep inside the base then your GoWiPe attack might not bring the 3 stars.

A Quick Solution is the Siege Machine donation that is now unlocked in Clan Castle.

Ask for Log Launcher from your clanmates. It can destroy an inferno tower from a faraway range. Not only this but it can also make way for your Golems and Pekka’s.

You should add giants to the army so that they can distract inferno from Golems.

The basic army composition is

2 Golems, 4 Pekkas, 10 wizards, 6 wall breaker, 5 Giants, and 3 archers.

3 Healing Spell 2 Rage Spell and 1 earthquake spell.

The clan castle troops especially the log launcher plays a vital role in the success of Gowipe at TH 10.

How to Deploy Troops in Gowipe at TH 10-

  1. Take out the opponent’s cc troops using archers, queen, and Wizards.
  2. Use Log launcher and deploy it at such angle that it can fire logs in Inferno tower direction. A Log Launcher always moves toward the town hall. Therefore it would be wise to launch it at inferno tower that is near the Townhall.
  3. Deploy Golems and pekkas right behind the log launcher.
  4. Deploy your King and wizards on the 4 tiles apart from the pekkas. Their job is to destroy external buildings and make a funnel for pekkas.
  5. Use heal spell on Golems after they move inside the base.
  6. Use rage spell on clan castle troops as they will be close to the town hall.
  7. Use the rest of the army wisely and as the situation demands.
  8. Keep in mind that the extra giants are for the infernos so either deploy them with golem or on the size where there is a second inferno.
  9. Enjoy 3 Stars

GoWiPe Attack Strategy at TH11 –

TH11 can be tough to crack using GoWiPe only. This is because the eagle artillery can easily kill enemy troops in faraway ranges.

Most people love to do a Queen Walk using the GoWiPe Strategy. If your queen is maxed out then you can also mix Gowipe and queen walk.

You will also unlock grand warden at this TH. Use the Grand warden in air mode as it can provide some healing too to nearby troops.

You can also utilize super troops at this Townhall but here we will discuss attack only with original troops.

Here is the army you will need –

2 Golem, 3 Pekka, 10 Wizard, 5 Healers, 5 Archers, and 5 wall breakers.

4 rage spells and 3 freeze spells.

Preferably Log launcher in Clan Castle with a dragon or electro dragon.

How to Deploy GoWiPe at TH11 –

  1. First, take out the clan castle troops and kill them using archer queen.
  2. Deploy healers a few tiles behind archer queen. Make Sure there is no air defense nearby.
  3. The main idea behind queen walk is to destroy as many defensive buildings as possible, most important is eagle artillery and the inferno towers.
  4. The queen can move around the base but she can give maximum damage if she funnels inside the base.
  5. Deploy log launcher on the adjacent side where it can easily target any inferno tower or eagle artillery.
  6. Deploy Golem and Pekkas right behind it along with wizards.
  7. Use the Freeze spells on inferno towers. Use rage spell on queen whenever she is near inferno tower or eagle artillery.
  8. The Pekkas must funnel inside the base and these troops must be kept away from healers as the healers will distract and start healing them.
  9. Deploy the king and grand warden on the same site where they can destroy the outer base.
  10. This way the queen is killing on one side of the base and the troops are killing on the other side.
  11. Enjoy the 3 stars.

GoWiPe attack Strategy at TH12 –

At this town hall, the strategy remains the same as TH11. Remember this time the town hall is a defensive building. It has a mega tesla that gets activated when any troop comes in its range.

Once again we will do a queen walk with GoWiPe attack. You can use any siege machine of your choice but my favorite pick will be the log launcher.

If you do not get a log launcher in clan castle then try battle blimp from your army.

The army will be as follows.

2 Golem, 3 Pekkas,10 wizards, 5 Healers, 5 archer, 6 wall breakers, 3 bowler.

I have tried multiple combinations where instead of bowler I have used Yeti, Witch, Valkyrie, and Hog riders too. However, I found that bowler’s splash damage can help a lot in this strategy.

3 rage spells and 5 freeze spells.

How to Deploy Gowipe army at TH12

The steps will remain the same as TH11. This time you have bowlers too in the mix. You can use them behind the king and grand warden. Bowlers are especially helpful if you do not get a log launcher in CC.

GoWiPe attack Strategy at TH 13 –

You will get housing space of 300 on army camps, 40 in CC along 11 in spell storage. Along with this, you will also unlock the log launcher siege machine.

You can ask for super troops in CC at this town hall. Some popular choices are Super Giants and Super Bowlers.

The army will be

2 Golem, 3 Pekkas, 11 Wizard, 5 Healers, 5 Archer, 5 wall breakers, and 6 bowlers.

You can use Clone spell on Pekkas. But it will require practice.

You can use 11 bat spells to take out eagle artillery.

I usually take 4 rage spells and 3 freeze spell

How to Deploy GoWiPe attack at TH13 –

Follow the same step as discussed in TH11 and TH12. If you used Bat spells then take out the eagle artillery first then use your queen healer combo to take out the maximum base possible.

Use Log launcher to make way for golem and Pekkas. Deploy king, wizard, and grand warden right behind pekkas.

If you used rage spell like me then use it on pekkas or queen whenever required.

GoWiPe attack Strategy at TH14, TH15, TH16 –

The army composition and strategy remain the same as TH13. Now you have Pets too along with Royal Champion. You will mostly face bases that have scattershot in them.

Therefore do not deploy Pekka and golems in the close cluster. Otherwise, the strategy remains the same.

What is your favorite army combination in GoWiPe?

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