Clash of Clans Giant Max Levels (2023) Upgrades, Attack Strategy, Donation, Chart

In Clash of Clans Giant Max Levels matters for clan castle donation during war league. You should only donate a giant if it is high level and can play as a good companion with other troops.

Giant is one of our favorite elixir troops.

Here we will share various attack strategies that you can deploy including Giant and how you can easily three stars opponent bases at various town hall levels.

What is giant COC?

Giant is the third elixir troop that you unlock in clash of clans. It is mainly used as a meat shield due to its high hit points.

Giant targets defense on enemy base but due to their low damage per second, they take a long time in clearing out various defenses. It is therefore not possible to do a mass giant attack.

These super powerful troop needs to be paired with other troops that have high damage per second such as wizard or Pekka or even balloon.

Here are the basic stats of a Giant in clash of clans –

Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level Required Range 
NoneGround Only5122s31 Tile

Giant Max Levels in Clash of Clans

You can upgrade Giant up to level 10. Here are all the stats of various levels of Giants –

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per AttackHitpointsTraining Cost
Research Cost
Research TimeLab Level

How much does a giant cost COC?

You need an elixir to train giants. A level 1 giant will only cost 150 elixirs to train whereas a level 10 (max level) giant will cost 5000 elixirs. Compared to other troops this is not a costly troop. Builder Hall 7 Max Levels List

clash of clans giant max levels

Due to this reason, many clashers love to include giants in their ground armies.

Where is a supergiant in COC?

The super troop version of Giant is known as Supergiant. Clashers on Reddit and Twitter shared various memes about how they loved the appearance of the super giant in Clash of clans.

Are the Giants good in clash of clans?

Yes, the Giants are easily among the best ground units in clash of clans. These lovable troops play really well with wizards and Pekka. At lower town hall levels you can raid other bases with a GiBarch army.

Was the giant skeleton in COC?

Yes, there is a giant skeleton version too in COC. It is created by the super witch.

Can you get super giant in th11?

No, you can not. You need to have a level 9 giant to unlock super giant which is only possible at TH12.

How to get a super giant Clash of Clans

You unlock the super giant at Townhall 12 only. You can do it either by using a super potion or by using 7500 dark elixirs.

What is a giant boxer in a clash of clans?

A Boxer giant is the builder hall version of the giant. All the stats of Boxer giants can be found on our website.

Giant Donation – as a Defending Clan Castle Troop?

Giants have low DPS and high health. However, they can only target ground troops. Therefore if the enemy does an air raid then the giant will stay hidden in the clan castle.

They will come out only if any ground unit or any hero comes in range. Due to this we strongly suggest staying away from donating giants as defending troops.

Donating Giant – as an Attacking CC Troop?

Many Clashers donate giants during clan war leagues. If you have a ground army ready to attack an enemy base then you can ask for a giant in the donation. It will take only 5 units of space.

This means you will get anywhere between 2-9 giants in the donation. Now, the level of the giant will matter a lot. We strongly suggest asking for a high-level giant (above level 6) during clan wars.

You have to deploy Giant early in battle as they will distract the defenses of the enemy base. If you are taking giants in a siege machine then your strategy will become even more powerful. This is because most siege machines will land the giant near the center of the base thereby clearing out the inner base quickly.

Which Spell Works best With Giant?

We have tried various army combinations and found that the healing spell works best with a giant. You can also switch it with a rage spell but since they only target defenses therefore there are high chances that they will move out of range of the rage spell very quickly.

A Heal spell will restore their lost health and increases the time for opponent defenses being locked on them.

Best Attack Strategy and Army Composition for Giants

At Lower town hall levels (below TH8) you can take the GiBarch Army. In this strategy, you will take anywhere from 5 to 7 giants, 10-20 barbarians, and rest archers. You can also include a wall breaker in the mix if you are at TH7.

Deploy all giants in one go and after the defenses lock on to them you will deploy archers. The barbarians can be used to clean up the mess quickly by helping archers.

After town hall 8 and beyond you can use giant in GiWiPe army. It is very similar to Gowipe however we will save dark elixir here and use an all elixir army. You must take 2-3 heal spells and 1 rage spell along with the army.

This army will use 10-15 giants, 10-15 wizards, 2-6 wallbreaker, and 3-5 Pekkas (changes on every town hall level). Among the dark elixir spell, I highly recommend the skeleton spell as it helps giants when other troops are not nearby.

This is my second favorite army to gain loot while also pushing trophies. How do you use Giant in your army?

Clash ON

clash of clans giant level 10

clash of clans giant level 9

giant clash of clans meme

Clash of Clans Giant Max Levels

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