Dragon vs Baby Dragon (2023) Which Troop is Best for Clan Wars and Farming?

In one on one battle of Dragon vs Baby Dragon who will come out as a winner in Clash of Clans? Is a Baby dragon better than a dragon? Or is it a dragon that can shadow a whole army of baby dragons?

Here we will compare both these mighty and highly popular troops of COC.  This can help you to understand which army you should take in looting resources and which one you should train for trophy push or getting stars in clan war leagues.

Before we jump into the comparison mode lets take a look at both these troops and what special advantage do they provide in the army

Dragons in Clash of Clans

It would be an understatement to say that Dragons popularized the clash of clans game. When COC first came out it was struggling to make its name among strategy mobile games.

However, when several mass dragon attacks went viral on youtube, the game soon touched a peak in download charts at both apple play store and google play store.

Dragons unlock at Barrack level 9 which is available at Town hall 7.

Here is a complete info chart of Dragons that includes training time, DPS, Hit Points, and levels.

Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hitpoints Training Cost Research Time Lab Level Required
1 140 175 1,900 10,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 160 200 2,100 12,000 1,000,000 18h 5
3 180 225 2,300 14,000 2,000,000 1d 12h 6
4 210 262.5 2,700 16,000 3,000,000 3d 7
5 240 300 3,100 18,000 4,500,000 6d 8
6 270 337.5 3,400 20,000 7,000,000 8d 9
7 310 387.5 3,900 22,000 10,000,000 14d 10
8 330 412.5 4,200 24,000 15,000,000 16d 11
9 350 437.5 4,500 26,000 18,500,000 18d 12

Supercell introduced the Super troop version of dragons called the Super dragon in Winter 2021 update. I tested it among various bases and concluded it as the most powerful troop that COC has ever had.

However, here we will only focus on the normal version.

Are baby dragons any good?

Now let’s take a look at Baby Dragons. As the name suggests these are the mini version of normal dragons. They take less than half the space as compared to dragons. They also have a different attacking style as well as a unique ability which makes their damage per second twice if they are flying solo.

Baby Dragons were introduced in the May 2016 update. This unit is unlocked at Barrack Level 11 which is available at TH9.

Here are all the stats of Baby Dragon

Level Damage per Second Damage per Attack Hitpoints Training Cost Research Time Lab Level Required
1 75 75 1,200 5,000 N/A N/A N/A
2 85 85 1,300 6,000 2,000,000 2d 7
3 95 95 1,400 7,000 3,000,000 4d 8
4 105 105 1,500 8,000 4,000,000 6d 8
5 115 115 1,600 9,000 6,000,000 9d 9
6 125 125 1,700 10,000 9,000,000 12d 10
7 135 135 1,800 11,000 12,000,000 14d 11
8 145 145 1,900 12,000 17,000,000 16d 12h 12

The Baby dragon super troop version is super dragon which I consider as a superior upgrade.

Is a baby dragon better than a dragon?

dragon vs baby dragon

Now we have stats of both troops. So which one is better? We can not judge this from just one angle. We will consider various factors to determine who the winner in the Dragon vs Baby dragon showdown is.

We should understand some key points from the above charts. A maxed-out Level 9 Baby dragon has 145 DPS and 1900 hit points which is almost equal to 140 DPS and 1900 Hitpoints of level 1 dragon.

It is also common knowledge that a Dragon requires 20 housing spaces whereas a baby dragon requires only 10 housing spaces.

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Dragon Vs Baby Dragon Which is better as Clan Castle troop for attacking?

A Dragon can only be donated to CC level 3 or high. Whereas a baby dragon can be donated to even level 1 CC.

This means that lower town hall level players can greatly benefit from a flying unit like a baby dragon. They can easily score 100% destruction.

If your target is farming then Baby dragon has an advantage over dragon as you can fit 2 units instead of one dragon. These can help create a funnel for your other troops.

If your target is trophy push then baby dragon has an advantage as they can clear out outer buildings quickly and easily while the rest of the army is inside the base.

A Single dragon is easy to target by air defense therefore it will do lesser damage.

Dragon Vs Baby Dragon Which is better as Clan Castle troop for Defending?

The same Concept goes for defending the base. Two baby dragons can overwhelm the attacking army. Your opponent has to use a poison spell to take your baby dragon down otherwise the baby dragon larvae will irritate the opposing army.

Mass Dragon vs Mass Baby Dragon

Good thing is that both these units are capable of a mass attack. However, which one is better solely depends on your goal.

If your goal is farming then the baby dragon is a better choice. This is because you can place just one baby dragon over resource building and let it loot the base. You won’t even need to use your whole army and you will easily loot the whole base.

Mass dragon army on the other hand is good for trophy pushing. This is because unlike baby dragons you cannot deploy just one dragon and expect a miracle. Dragons are stronger together. You need to take out the air defense with a light spell. The dragons will wipe out the entire base.

You can also take a rage spell which makes your dragon even more dangerous.

Mass baby dragon takes less time to train therefore you can carry out more attacks in an hour of training potion.

Dragon Vs Baby Dragon in Clan Wars League

The answer is Simple – Dragons. You won’t be able to score 3 stars with a mass baby dragon army. Your baby dragon won’t work with other flying units like balloons or minions.

On the other side, An air attack with dragons and balloons is almost perfect. You can be confident to take this army in clan war battle.

Dragon vs Baby Dragon vs Air Defense COC

Both these flying units have a common enemy – Air defense. While a dragon army can easily take out 1-2 air defenses; it is very difficult for a baby dragon army to do the same.

This is the reason why baby dragon attacks are useless in clan wars.

Dragon Vs Baby Dragon – Winner?

I would go with Dragon. These flying beasts are too hard to ignore. You can use them in clan wars in trophy push and even in farming they are somewhat useful. Dragons are also the most popular clan castle troops according to a Twitter poll.

Which one do you find better and Why?

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