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Mar 30 2017, 9 41 am

Updated Jul 11 2017, 10 49 am

We’ve always known that too much screen time is bad for our children. But now they have a choice between the screens of a TV, smartphone, Ipad and laptop, stopping them is getting much harder.

You can do it the difficult way- by locking their screens away. Or you can say hello to your kids again…by booking them on a New Forest Safari Campers holiday!

Because our vans don’t do Wi-Fi (Hoorah!). And we have 12 of them. Not big, plasticky motorhomes with showers, satellite dishes and air-conditioning but proper ones, with names and personalities and shiny paintwork the colour of Smarties.

We believe our classic VW Combis allow the chance for families, couples and friends to get out in our great outdoors to create their own adventures in some of the most iconic vehicles ever produced. Just the sight of a VW Campervan conjures up a spirit of freedom, adventure and open roads.

We can’t promise you lions and tigers, but we’re pretty sure you’ll see some of our free-roaming New Forest ponies, gentle donkeys (and their adorable foals) and, if you’re lucky deer, badgers, foxes and Pannage pigs if you visit the New Forest during Autumn.

What we can promise is plenty of fresh air, dark, starry skies and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. We can promise you’ll want to have barbeques (with maybe a marshmallow to toast), cosy dinners at our campers’ tables, the chance to explore Britain’s biggest Site of Special Scientific Interest and the opportunity to reconnect with everything that is important to you. And what’s more important than your kids?

We’ve noticed that for young children especially, the novelty of being in a Campervan never seems to wear off, especially if they’re a Peppa Pig fan (and if they are you’ll know what we mean!) If they are you can even take them to Peppa Pig World at nearby Paulton’s Park- How much better is that than a screen? And you can also introduce them to the joys of board games and card games, reading and story-telling, all in your cosy little van.

Whatever you decide to do, a New Forest Safari Camper holiday really could be that important first step to persuading them that there’s more to life than gazing at a screen!

For more information, browse our website or call our knowledgeable team on 01425 621089.

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