Builder Hall 9 Max Levels List (2023) Fastest Time, Highest Troop, Defenses, Battle Machine

People look for Builder Hall 9 max levels because this is the last builder hall base and you will get to unlock your sixth builder at this level.

If you have rushed to reach BH9 then you have to max out each and every building on your base now.  As of now there are 49 buildings available at builder hall level 9.

What does Builder Hall 9 unlock?

The most exciting building unlocked at builder hall 9 is the OTTO hut. This hut can be maxed out to level 5. However, this is the only building on the base which won’t be maxed out by builder. You have to complete certain missions to max it out to fifth level.

As soon as it reaches level 5 you will unlock the OTTO builder which operates as a second builder on a builder base. You also get a builder hut on town hall base which means your master builder can now travel to home village whenever you command it.

Now lets see what are the max levels set for Resource buildings, Army buildings, defenses and traps.

builder hall 9 max levels list

Builder hall 9 base max levels for Resource buildings

Builder Hall 9 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector93
Gold Mine93
Elixir Storage92
Gold Storage92
Gem Mine91
Clock Tower91
  • The three elixir collectors will move from level 8 to max level 9 in just 14 hours (x3).
  • The three gold mines will take 14 hours each to peak out on level 9.
  • Your two elixir storage will take around 3 days in total to level up from level 8 to 9.
  • The two gold storage on your base will max out on level 9 in just 3 days.
  • Your gem mine will also reach its highest level (9) in 3 days.
  • The clock tower will now give you 30 min boost after reaching highest level of 9.
  • OTTO Hut is unlocked. Max it out to level 5.

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Builder hall 9 max levels list for army buildings

Builder Hall 9 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Builder Barracks111
Army Camp16
Star Laboratory91
  • The builder barrack upgrade to level 11 and unlock the final troop – Hog Glider. I find this troop exciting but it needs support from other troops to provide you three stars.
  • Your army camps will stay unchanged.
  • Your star laboratory will reach its highest level of lvl 9.

Builder hall 9 max levels for defenses list

Builder Hall 9 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower93
Double Cannon93
Hidden Tesla93
Guard Post91
Air Bombs91
Multi Mortar91
Mega Tesla91
Lava Launcher91
  • The three cannon will take 4 days each to max out to level 9 from level 8.
  • Your three archer towers will also take four days each reach highest level 9.
  • It will take around 12 days for the three double cannon to max out to level 9.
  • Hidden tesla will have level 9 as highest level and it would take 15 days for builder to upgrade them.
  • A new firecracker will unlock at BH9. The five firecrackers max out on level 9.
  • The two crushers peaks on level 9 and it will take 10 days to upgrade these.
  • The only guard post will level up to max lvl 9.
  • Your air bomb will also max out on level 9.
  • For multi mortar, level 9 is the highest level.
  • Level 9 is the peak level where the roaster will max out.
  • Your giant cannon will also maxes out on level 9.
  • The mega tesla must be upgraded as soon as possible to highest level 9.
  • Lava Launcher is the new defense unlocked at Builder hall 9. It will reach max level of 9.
  • Your 180 wall pieces will also max out on 9 level.

Builder hall 9 max levels for traps list

Builder Hall 9 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Push Trap95
Spring Trap55
Mega Mine94
  • Five push traps will max out on level 9.
  • Six Spring traps will peak at level 4.
  • Five mines reaches level 9.
  • Ninth level is highest level for four mega mines.

Builder hall 9 troops max levels list

Builder Hall 9 TroopsBH9 Troop Levels
Raged Barbarians18
Sneaky Archers18
Boxer Giants18
Beta Minion18
Baby Dragon18
Cannon Cart18
Night Witch18
  • Raged barbarian will reach their max level 18 but I see no significant improvement in them.
  • Sneaky archer also reaches level 18 with a major benefit of having 14 units per camp.
  • Boxer giants have the best DPS at max level 18.
  • You can take 12 units per camp of level 18 max beta minions. This makes the mass minion strategy powerful.
  • A Level 18 bomber can now destroy any type of wall on its path.
  • Baby dragon quantity also increases to 4 units per camp after reaching level 18.
  • Cannon cart gets improved DPS and Damage per attack as well as more hit points at level 18.
  • A night witch is still prone to lava launcher even after reaching level 18.
  • Drop ship can be a crucial match winner after peaking at level 18.
  • Super Pekka will become your favorite troop when it reaches max level 18.
  • Hog Gliders can win some matches while loose others but these are fun troops to take in army after reaching level 18.

Builder hall 9 battle machine max level

Builder Hall 9 Battle MachineBH9 Hero Level
Battle Machine30

The Battle machine will reach its highest level of level 30. At this level the Battle machine has a DPS of 250 and a damage per attack of 300. It has 5222 Hit points where as its electric hammer (special ability) reaches level 6.

A level 6 electric hammer ability helps the battle machine to recover 1050 health and deal 450 damage in next three strikes.

How much time does it take to Max builder base?

If you have rushed to BH9 then you will take anywhere from 6 months to 1 year to max out your base. If you have played fair game then you can max out your BH9 in just 160 days.

Is there a Builder hall 10?

As of now supercell has rejected any news related to BH10. The Builder hall 9 was released in 2019 so It has been more than 3 years since the last release. In the mean time Supercell has given us two new town halls but there is no update about next builder hall.

Lets hope that we will see something cool on Builder hall 10.

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