Best Builder Hall 5 Upgrade Order (2023) Easy to Follow Priority Guide

You will get confused on the Builder hall 5 upgrade order because now you have more buildings and still just one master builder.

However, you do not need to worry about it as our BH5 priority guide will help you to decide which building to upgrade first at your builder base.

The most frustrating thing that you have to face now is that your home village and builder base will no longer be in sync. Earlier you will upgrade to the next level of town hall and builder hall simultaneously thereby getting the full benefit of four days upgrade boost.

But after moving to BH5 you will be either on TH7 or TH8 and after this, both your bases will take away a long time thereby going out of sync with each other.

What should I upgrade first in builder base 5?

As soon as you upgrade to BH5 you will unlock several new resource buildings as well as defenses. You will be fascinated to unlock the multi-mortar as soon as possible. However, I would advise you to upgrade your Builder Barracks before any other building.

builder hall 5 upgrade order

It will cost 300K elixir and only 8 hours. You will unlock the Seventh Builder Base Troop – Cannon Cart. This unit is very important in BH5 attack strategies.

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After this unlock all the new traps and walls. You can also unlock your second double cannon and firecracker as it won’t take much time/resources.

What should I upgrade first in Builder Hall?

After unlocking barracks you can use the Giant Plus Cannon Cart army to easily win multiplayer battles. Of course, you will need a strong builder hall 5 bases to stop your opponent from getting more stars than you.

For Builder Hall 5 upgrade order you should aim to get your trophy count past 2000. This way you can easily win a lot of elixir and gold needed for upgrades.

Since you unlock the second gold and elixir storage at BH5 therefore your first business should be to upgrade these to the highest levels.

Prefer upgrading elixir storage over gold storage because we are aiming to upgrade our star laboratory and also unlock our Battle Machine.

By the time you max out your elixir storage, you will have enough elixir to upgrade your star laboratory.

After upgrading Star laboratory you should unlock the elixir mine and gold mine. Don’t forget to use a power potion while going on one vs one battle.

This will ensure that win the battle by using the most powerful army at Builder Hall 5. Aim to collect 900K builder elixir which is required to unlock your battle machine.

Do not use your elixir anywhere else not even on laboratory upgrades as of now.

After you unlock your battle machine you should upgrade your gold storage. By this time your storage capacity should be maximum which is 1.5 Million for both gold and Elixir.

As soon as your builder gets free from upgrading storage appoint him to unlock the multi-mortar. There are very good chances that you have enough gold to unlock mortar way before unlocking Battle Machine.

If such a scenario comes then do not hesitate to unlock multi-mortar because it is the most important defense at builder hall level 5.

Builder hall 5 upgrade order priority 2022 Reddit

Many Redditors have agreed that upgrading archer towers before cannon is a good move. I also agree with this.

After your multi-mortar is unlocked you should aim to upgrade it to max level. Then focus on upgrading your crusher.

These two buildings can make your base almost undefeatable for ground attacks. After crusher, you should focus on hidden tesla.

As soon as hidden tesla maxes out you should use your gold to max out both archer towers. In the meantime, you will get enough elixir to upgrade your battle machine but make sure you have Boxer giants, Bomber, and Cannon cart upgraded to max level in the star laboratory first.

If you have done that then you can use the elixir to upgrade your battle machine instead of upgrading raged barbarians sneaky archer, beta minion, or baby dragon in star laboratory.

This is because these troops are not much used at BH5 as compared to the Battle machine.

You need to upgrade your clock tower too in between as this building can speed up your progress at Builder Hall level 5.

After your archer towers are maxed out you should focus on upgrading both your firecrackers. Then max out your air bombs as these will instantly fail any air attack.

Now among the remaining buildings, you should focus on double cannon. The two double cannons are very helpful in defending against ground attacks.

You have two cannons at BH5 and it is time to upgrade these to maximum levels. The guard post is the last defense that you should upgrade.

After the defenses are done you should focus on traps. You can upgrade these in any order but usually, I prefer spring traps then mega mines and mines. The push trap can be upgraded in the end.

You have upgraded your defenses as well as your offenses now you should focus on resource buildings. You can upgrade them in any order as these won’t matter much. However, many people prefer upgrading gem mine before gold and elixir collectors.

Builder Hall 5 troops upgrade priority

Upgrade the cannon cart to max level as soon as possible. Boxer giants should be the second troop to reach max level. Since Bomber plays a vital role at BH5, therefore, upgrade them too at max levels.

After upgrading these three troops you can use your elixir to max out your battle machine. Don’t worry about upgrading other troops as we will focus on them after our battle machine.

As soon as the Battle machine reaches Level 5 you should then collect an elixir to upgrade your baby dragon. Prefer Beta minion over the remaining troops. Sneaky archer should follow after the beta minion upgrade.

Raged barbarians are the last troops that you should upgrade in your star laboratory.

Builder Hall Level 5 Base Upgrade Priority Guide

Here is an easy to remember priority list –

  • Upgrade Builder Barrack
  • Unlock New Traps
  • Unlock New Walls
  • Unlock Double Cannon and Firecracker
  • Upgrade Elixir Storage
  • Unlock Battle Machine
  • Upgrade Gold Storage
  • Upgrade Star Laboratory
  • Unlock and upgrade Multi Mortar
  • Upgrade Clock Tower
  • Upgrade Crushers
  • Upgrade Hidden tesla
  • Upgrade Archer towers
  • Upgrade Firecrackers
  • Upgrade Air Bombs
  • Upgrade Double Cannon
  • Upgrade Cannon
  • Upgrade Guard Post
  • Upgrade Traps
  • Upgrade any remaining building in any order

Here is upgrade Order of Troops

  • Cannon Cart
  • Boxer Giants
  • Bomber
  • Battle Machine to Max
  • Baby Dragon
  • Beta Minion
  • Sneaky Archer
  • Raged Barbarians

How do I upgrade my builder Hall to level 5?

You can upgrade your builder hall to level 5 by maxing out your builder hall 4. It won’t take much time.

Is it worth rushing builder hall?

If your target is to unlock the sixth builder then you can rush builder halls. However, I will strongly suggest maxing out your base at BH5 and then you can rush the later builder halls.

This was our Guide for Builder Hall 5 upgrade Order.

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