Builder Hall 5 Max Levels List (2023) Fastest Time, Defense Upgrade, Highest Battle Machine

Clash of Clans Fans gets excited about Builder hall 5 max levels list because they get to unlock the one and only hero of builder base – The Battle Machine.

If you too are excited due to this after upgrading to BH5 then read on to find out how you can take maximum benefit of the battle machine.

What are the max levels for Builder Hall 5?

When you move to builder hall 5 then the whole game dynamics will change. Now you have so many buildings to handle and upgrade that only a good upgrade order or priority list can help you to max out your BH5 base efficiently and quickly.

The Battle Machine altar is the final ruin that is available for repair at Builder Hall 5. We have already told you how you can quickly unlock your battle machine.

Now let’s take a look at the highest levels of resource buildings, defenses, army buildings, and traps.

builder hall 5 max levels list

Builder hall 5 max levels list for resource buildings

Builder Hall 5 Resource BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector52
Gold Mine52
Elixir Storage52
Gold Storage52
Gem Mine51
Clock Tower51
  • At BH5 you get to unlock your second elixir collector. Both elixir collectors will reach the max level of LVL 5.
  • You have two gold mines at builder hall 5. Both of these buildings need to be maxed out to LVL 5.
  • Second gold storage is unlocked on builder hall 5. The two gold storages will max out on level 5.
  • Similarly, you will have two elixir storage at BH5 and both will max out on level 5.
  • Your only gem mine will increase its mining rate at level 5.
  • The clock tower will peak at level 5 thereby giving you a 22 min boost duration in 23 hours.

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Builder hall level 5 max upgrades for army buildings

Builder Hall 5 Army BuildingsLevelsNo. of Buildings
Builder Barracks71
Army Camp14
Star Laboratory51
  • Now your only builder barrack won’t ask for two upgrades like previous builder halls. At BH5 it will move a level up to LVL 7 and unlock the mighty cannon cart.
  • Your army camp numbers and levels stay the same.
  • Your star laboratory reaches level 5.

Builder hall 5 max levels list for defenses

Builder Hall 5 DefensesLevelsNo. of Buildings
Archer Tower52
Double Cannon52
Hidden Tesla51
Guard Post51
Air Bombs51
Multi Mortar51
  • Your two cannons will peak at level 5.
  • The two archer towers will reach max level 5.
  • A second double cannon is unlocked at BH5. Both double cannons will max out on level 5.
  • The only hidden tesla touches the highest level 5.
  • The two firecrackers make air raid impossible at level 5.
  • Your only crusher gets deadlier at level 5.
  • The only guard post will now upgrade to level 5.
  • Your air bombs will also reach LVL 5.
  • Multi mortar is the new defense unlocked at builder hall 5. It will a tough task for you to max it out to level 5.
  • Your 100 wall pieces are more than enough to design any protected base. These wall pieces will max out on level 5.

BH5 max levels for traps

Builder Hall 5 TrapsLevelsNo. of Traps
Push Trap54
Spring Trap23
Mega Mine51
  • A fourth push trap is unlocked at BH5. All four push traps will max out on level 5.
  • A new spring trap is available at builder hall level 5. You need to upgrade it to the second level.
  • You will unlock the fourth mine at this builder hall level. All mines will max out on level 5.
  • The only mega-mine will level up to LVL 5.

Builder hall 5 max troop levels

Builder Hall 5 TroopsBH5 Troop Levels
Raged Barbarians10
Sneaky Archers10
Boxer Giants10
Beta Minion10
Baby Dragon10
Cannon Cart10
  • Raged barbarians might reach level 10 but they are very much useless at BH5.
  • Level 10 Sneaky archers can be good team players at Builder Hall 5.
  • Boxer giants of the highest level 10 need to be part of your army.
  • Beta minions reach level 10 but you still need to use them carefully.
  • Bomber at level 10 can break any wall of BH5.
  • Baby dragon maxes out on level 10 but it is not much useful.
  • Cannon cart reaches level 10 and it must be included in your army.

What is the max level of battle machine in Builder Hall 5?

Builder Hall 5 Battle MachineBH5 Hero Level
Battle Machine5

The battle machine is the only hero you get on the builder base. You unlock it at BH5 and then upgrade it to max level 5. At level 5 you unlock the level 1 electric hammer ability where the battle machine will recover 800 hit points and 270 damage increase for the next three hits.

Please note that, unlike Town hall heroes, the special ability of the Battle machine is reusable after every 14 seconds.

How do you get 3000 trophies in builder base 5?

This is a common question asked by clashers. Yes, it is possible to earn 3000 trophies at Builder Hall 5. You need to have a strong base design in which your traps are effectively utilized.

Use Boxer giants plus cannon cart army along with bomber on one army camp for versus battles. This is a strong army combination that can wreak havoc on almost any BH5 base.

How long will it take to Max builder Hall 5?

If you get a constant supply of resources then you can max out your builder hall level 5 in just 8 days.

However, in a real scenario, you have to wait for 21 hours for the daily loot bonus challenge. After doing thorough math (where we did not include the clock tower boost) we concluded that it takes around 25 days to max out builder hall 5.

Of course, a clock tower boost can reduce this time.

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