Best Builder Hall 4 Upgrade Order (2024) Priority List for BH 4

Builder Hall 4 upgrade strategy can get confusing and messy as there are several new buildings that you want to unlock/upgrade as soon as possible.

However, if you do not plan it correctly you will run out of builder elixir and builder gold quickly. Since you have only one master builder and only limited resources therefore it is wise to have a good upgrade plan in place.

Here we will provide you with an easy-to-follow builder hall 4 upgrade order that you can use as a guide to max out your builder base.

When should you upgrade your builder hall to level 4?

Before we jump into the guide let me give you a major tip – You can upgrade builder hall as soon as your base maxes out. But unlike town hall, this max out does not need to include walls.


This is because you have only limited resources available at the builder base. You do not want to waste your elixir while using your gold to max out walls. You can upgrade your walls to a level where they can create a hurdle for opponents but you don’t need to max them out while your elixir storage is full.

What should I upgrade first in Builder Hall 4?

As soon as you upgrade to builder hall 4 you will see many new buildings that include –

  • Clock Tower
  • New Army Camp
  • New Guard Post
  • New Air Bomb

You would surely want to unlock them as soon as possible. If you are following our clash of clans tips guide then you already know that we prefer offense over defense. Therefore we always upgrade the star laboratory first.

You will upgrade the star laboratory first at builder hall 4.

After this, you will rebuild the clock tower which will cost you 180K and 2 hours.

How do I upgrade my base 4 builders?

The simple strategy is to upgrade elixir buildings first. So After your star laboratory is upgraded and your clock tower is rebuilt you should focus on unlocking the new army camp.

For this, you will need to increase your elixir storage limit therefore upgrade your elixir storage to level 3.

Now If you have enough elixir then immediately unlock army camp 3 otherwise you can upgrade your clock tower to level 2.

After your third army camp is unlocked you should upgrade your builder barrack to level 5. This will cost only 150K elixir and 6 hours.

Builder Hall 4 Upgrade Order

At Builder barrack level 5 you will unlock Baby dragon which is a very handy troop for builder hall 4 attacks.

After upgrading builder barracks you should upgrade your storage.

Please note that we are neither upgrading our defenses nor we are unlocking defensive buildings. You can unlock walls whenever you want but do not unlock new defensive buildings.

Town Hall 5 Attack Strategies

This is because, in builder battle matchmaking, the builder base weight is calculated based on their defensive strength.

So if you have a weak defense then you will be matched with opponents that have a weak base as well. With a strong army (that includes baby dragons) you can easily wipe out your opponents.

How do you max out builder hall fast?

After your storage is upgraded to level 4 you will need to unlock your defense buildings one by one. First, we will focus on air bombs as this building will protect you from the mass baby dragon or mass beta minion attack.

Then we will unlock the guard post.

Builder Hall 4 Upgrade Guide

Now our focus is to improve our base defense so we will upgrade both our archer towers and after that, we will upgrade our crusher.

When the crusher is upgraded to the max level we will focus on upgrading hidden tesla followed by double cannon and then cannons.

Firecrackers will be the last defensive building that we will upgrade. After this, we will upgrade our traps.

We will use the extra elixir to upgrade troops in the star laboratory. Resource buildings like gem mine, gold mine, and elixir collector will be the final buildings in our builder hall 4 upgrade list.

Builder Hall 4 max levels list

You might be wondering what are the max levels that I can upgrade my buildings to at builder hall 4. Here is the exact table –

Builder Hall 4 Base Upgrade priority list

Here is an easy to remember list for builder hall 4 upgrade –

  • Rebuild Clock Tower
  • Upgrade Star laboratory
  • Upgrade Elixir Storage
  • Unlock Third Army Camp
  • Upgrade Clock Tower
  • Builder Barrack
  • Upgrade Elixir Storage to Max
  • Upgrade Gold Storage to max
  • Unlock Air Bombs
  • Unlock Guard Post
  • Archer tower to max (one by one)
  • Crusher to max
  • Double Cannon to max
  • Hidden Tesla to max
  • Cannon to Max
  • Firecracker to max
  • Traps to max (any order)
  • Gem mine
  • Gold Mine
  • Elixir Collector
  • Walls

We also have a troop upgrade guide for builder hall 4. This is the exact order to upgrade troops in star laboratory at builder hall level 4 –

  • Boxer Giant
  • Bomber
  • Baby Dragon
  • Sneaky Archer
  • Raged barbarian

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