Best Builder Hall 2 Upgrade Order (2023) Guide to Base Priority of BH2

Builder Hall 2 Upgrade Guide is here to help you in understanding and upgrade the new builder base. Your Builder hall unlocks after you rebuild the ship at Town hall 4.

Now you have two different bases with different gameplay in clash of clans.

COC Builder Hall 2 Upgrade Guide

The builder hall base is different from the Town hall in many ways. First of all, you get only limited resources at the Builder base.

When your ship reaches the base you will find out that it looks like an abandoned island. You will be greeted by a Master builder who tells you that you can upgrade the available buildings on this base and then he will help you to upgrade buildings at the town hall too.

Clash of clans Builder hall 2 Upgrade Strategy

You have the following buildings already installed on the base – Star Laboratory Gem Mine Elixir Collector Barrack Army Camp Cannon Walls Builder Hall

Apart from this, you will also see a destroyed clock tower on the east of builder hall. If you check out the northern part of the map you will find a destroyed gem mine too.

You can rebuild both these buildings. The Gem mine will unlock at Builder Hall 3. The clock tower will rebuild at Builder Hall 4.

Another thing that you will observe is that you can not remove obstacles in the game. When you try to do so the game will tell you to upgrade to Builder hall 3 to remove trees/shrubs.

When you clear these trees and shrubs at builder hall you will get hidden gems from many of them. This means that you can easily earn at least 150 gems from these obstacles alone.

Builder hall 2 upgrade planning

builder hall 2 upgrade guide

If you have wisely saved your gems up until now then you can push your gem tally beyond 1000 gems. This means that you will be able to unlock the fourth builder at town hall 4.

The master-builder will guide you to the first attack. You will attack an abandoned village similar to yours.

However, when you return to your base after the attack you will see that the same opponent is attacking your builder base.

The master-builder will then tell you that the attack style at the builder base is different. It is one battle. The player who earns more stars will win the game and receive a victory bonus in form of gold and elixir.

In the case of Tie, the player who earned three stars in the shortest amount of time will be awarded as the winner.

Now you have a separate base that you need to upgrade. If you upgrade this base to max level then you can unlock a sixth builder too at town hall.

Here is how you should upgrade Builder Hall 2 –

First of all, upgrade your raged barbarians in the star laboratory. Just like Town hall, we will follow the attacking strategy here too.

We will build the second army camp at builder hall. This will give us more troop capacity.

After this, we will upgrade our barracks and unlock archers.

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We will upgrade our star laboratory to level two. You should keep upgrading your raged barbarians and archers in the laboratory to max level.

You can see in the upgrade suggestions that you have to unlock double cannon and archer tower. You can follow the suggestions and do the same.

You will also get a push trap at builder hall level 1.

As you can see upgrading the builder hall at level 1 is not very difficult. But then again you have only one builder the master builder to upgrade all buildings. Therefore, it becomes even more complex to plan upgrades.

While I do not suggest Builder hall rush but still many clashers do so to unlock the sixth builder OTTO at builder hall 9.

If you follow our upgrade guides then you don’t have to wait long to unlock the additional builder in clash of clans.

What is the Max Builder hall?

As of now, you can upgrade Builder hall to a max level of 9. However, it will take days or even months to do so. Don’t worry we are here to speed up your upgrade process.

DO read our builder hall attack strategies and army compositions, base layouts so that you always come out as a winner in builder hall attacks.

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