3 Best Builder Hall 2 Attack Strategies and Army Composition (2024)

You do not need a detailed guide for the builder hall 2 attack strategy. You have only two troops available at this level.

Moreover, the builder hall bases that you are going to attack at this level would be weak AF.

Builder Hall 2 Attack Guide

But you can still utilize this basic level to understand the gameplay. You will realize that even if you bring three stars then too you might not be considered a winner.

A lot of the time your opponent will score three stars on your base. In such a scenario the clashes who scored 3 stars in the least amount of time would be considered winners.

At Builder Hall Level 1 you have the following troops available – Raged Barbarians, Sneaky Archers.

builder hall 2 attack strategy

These two troops are very different from their town hall counterparts. They make look similar in appearance but their attack method is what makes them different.

Every troop that you unlock at builder hall will have special abilities.

Army for Builder Hall 2 Attack

The Raged barbarians have a special ability of RAGE. This means that their attack will be similar to home village barbarians under a rage spell.

The raged barbarians will trigger their special ability of rage as soon as they are deployed. It will last for four seconds.

During this period, a raged barbarian’s damage per second will increase by 70%. This means that a level 1 raged barbarians will deliver Damage per second of 85 in the first four seconds as compared to its normal DPS of 50.

When you upgrade your raged barbarian in star laboratory its ability will improve too. AT Builder hall 2 you can upgrade your raged barbarians to Level 4.

At level4, the units per camp of raged barbarians will also increase from 4 units to 6 units.

Another troop that you unlock at Builder Hall 2 is Sneaky Archer.

The special ability of Sneaky archer is that it will be invisible to defenses for the first three seconds. Sneaky archer ability will also trigger as soon as it is deployed.

Like its town hall counterpart, a sneaky archer can attack both ground and air units. It can be upgraded to level 4 at Builder Hall 2. This will also increase units per camp from 4 to 6.

You will have two army camps at Builder Hall 2. Each camp can hold 6 units given that both troops are upgraded to level 4.

Builder Hall 2 Attack Army Composition

You can use the following army compositions at Builder all 1 –

All Raged Barbarians for Builder Hall 2 Attack

Take 12 Raged barbarians and you will overkill any builder hall 2 base layout. All you have to do is to deploy raged barbarians in front of defenses. Do not focus on loot. Only the winner will get the loot bonus. You will get nothing from a gold mine or elixir collector.

All Sneaky Archers for Builder Hall 2 Attack

You can take 12 sneaky archers too. Again you have to deploy them in front of defenses so that sneaky archer can take it down. After the defenses are destroyed the sneaky archer can easily three stars the whole base.

BARCH for Builder Hall 2 Attack

Yes BARCH is popular at the builder base as well. Take an army of 6 raged barbarians and 6 sneaky archers and kill any given base.

Deploy 6 sneaky archers in front of cannons that are hidden behind walls. Since raged barbarians have to travel around the walls therefore they might get killed before reaching the cannon.

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Sneaky archers can easily take down the defenses hidden behind walls. Use the raged barbarians to destroy the archer tower of double cannon that is placed in the open.

Again these are very basic army compositions. You will learn a few new things while attacking at bases –

Firstly you will see that you can not loot elixir or gold from opponents. This is because here only the winner will be awarded the whole loot.

Secondly, you can not upgrade army camps. If you want to increase the troop capacity then you will have to upgrade the particular troops. There will be scenarios where you have to take a troop just because your army camp can handle extra units.

You will also realize that the walls are in pair of 4. This means you have to get creative to design the builder base.

Another important thing is that you can do only limited attacks in one day. If you have won three versus battles then the loot for that day will be completed.

It will unlock after 22 hours. You can still go and attack opponents but you will not win any loot for that.

Therefore, I strongly advise you to follow our guides to upgrade the Builder hall wisely.

Clash ON

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