Builder Hall 10 Release Date Confirmed (2023) New BH10 Layout and Concept Leak

Will there be Builder hall 10? This is the biggest question in the mind of clash of clans fans. Supercell has dodged questions regarding BH10 since 2019 but recently it gave a hint that rejoiced fans.

Is COC going to update the builder base?

Even though the Supercell official website and the clash of clans Twitter handle have neglected any reports regarding BH10 but several hints suggest the engineering team is working on giving the builder base a new update.

First of all, we are due for an update in June 2019. The builder hall 9 was introduced on 18 June 2019. It came a year after Builder hall 8 which was introduced on 5 March 2018.

Also, Builder hall 9 introduced the OTTO hut which gave the ability to unlock the sixth builder on the home village. This was a piece of huge news as it meant that the overburden on five poor builders can now be shared with the master builder.

Later on, the Clash of Clans team observed that players are now quickly upgrading from town hall 10 to highest level town hall TH14 within a year.

The only side effect was that clashers were rushing Builder hall bases. Due to the slow gameplay of the Builder base, it was obvious that the player would show lesser interest in it. However, ever since the news broke out that we can unlock a sixth builder, the overall activity of players on the builder base increased.

According to Pixelcrux which monitors the data of clash of clans players, around 75% of bases jumped to BH9 is 2019 itself. During the covid-19 lockdown, the server saw a huge spike in players focusing on upgrading their builder bases.

Later it was reported in a tweet by pixelcrux that around 45% of clashers have maxed out their builder hall bases by the end of Dec 2021. Around 90% of players are already on BH9 whereas the rest 10% of players are rushing toward it.

All these stats pointed to one thing that soon Builder hall bases would be dead and abandoned as every base would be maxed out. Supercell team took this fact in observation and during the Clash world championship also revealed that they working behind curtains to bring a fresh angle to both bases.

Will there be BH10?


There will be Builder Hall 10.

The first hint that supercell dropped was when Clash of clans tweeted Happy New Year 2022 with an image. In the image, we see the various clash of clans characters ranging from a master builder to barbarians to witches and giants.

builder hall 10 release date

However, one character that stood out from the rest was the OTTO. It was being held by a gentle giant and the OTTO itself was holding a rocket. Now there is no special thing in holding a rocket but surprisingly he was the only character holding it.

The rocket was held in such a way that it would denote the number one whereas the OTTO head was aligned in such symmetry with it that it would form the number zero.

Together they would make the number 10.

Many clashers were quick to pinpoint this observation and tweeted clashofclans regarding this. However, the COC team kept mum on the matter.

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New builder hall 10 Release Date

But then again even the COC team can not hide the excitement. In a tweet dated 18 January 2022, the COC team asked in a Poll “GOT OTTO?”

Around 57% of clashers voted in YES which denotes that more than half of the clash of clans players has maxed out BH9. In reply one clashers tweeted that “Yes, can we have now BH10?”. This reply was liked by the clash of clans team.

Builder hall 10 leak

But does this all mean we are getting Builder Hall 10?

If you take a look at COC maintenance break history you will notice that in 2022 COC has gone offline more than 2 dozen times in a short span of two months. This number is huge compared to other breaks in previous years. 

The clash of Clans team is working on something big. The subtle hints that the COC team is dropping hint at the builder hall 10 release.

We predict that Builder hall 10 will be released in Christmas 2022 winter update. Bookmark this page and come back if it doesn’t happen. If it happens, then you are bound to join my clan J.

Builder hall 10 concept

On Reddit, several players put forward their take on the Builder hall 10 concepts. A majority of players agreed that the game need to give atleast 6 versus battles 24 hours a day.

Moreover, many clashers demanded that the battle machine should have a capability like a barbarian king where either a few raged barbarians or skeletons should pop up during recovery.

Another concept was to introduce a dragon-like troop as there are 5 firecrackers and an air bomb at BH9 which makes it impossible to three stars using an air raid army.

Builder hall 10 layout

How would be the BH10 layout? There are 48 buildings at BH10. While the builder base has traditional defenses like cannon and archer tower it also has new defenses like Lava launcher and Crusher.

At BH10, it would be interesting to unlock another cool defense but this time it should be ground-based. Many fans are hoping for an inferno tower-like defense. Also, the cost of the wall should be decreased.

What is Max builder hall level?

Currently, the Max Builder hall level is BH10.

Can you get the 6th builder at th10?

Yes, you have to unlock the OTTO hut at BH9 to get the sixth builder.

What is your take on BH10? Do you want to see Builder hall 10?