Builder Hall 1 Max Levels List (2023) Best Way to Max Out

You are a devoted fan if you are searching for Builder hall 1 Max levels list. You are introduced to the builder base as soon as you upgrade to town hall level 4.

The boat on the seashore is repaired and ready to take you to the builder’s village. When you first enter the builder base you will see that everything is broken.

You will be introduced to the master builder who is sleeping in the builder hall. The master-builder welcomes you and tells you how you can occupy the builder base and share technology on the village base as well.

The builder hall gets repaired as soon as you click on it. This is currently the builder hall level 1.

You will find lots of shrubs, trees, and stones around the base. The old barbarian head statue will stand out among the obstacles. Even though many people remove it whenever they have enough gold but I would advise you to keep it on your base.

It gives a sense of pride and uniqueness to your base. Among the broken building you will see a clock tower, a gem mine, a battle machine, a cannon, an elixir collector, a gold mine, and a builder barrack.

Builder hall 1 Max Levels

Repairing the clock tower, gem mine and the battle machine is optional but advisable. These buildings will be available for repair on higher builder hall levels.

Builder Hall 1 BuildingsMAX LevelNo. of Buildings
Elixir Collector11
Gold Mine11
Builder Barrack11

How long does it take to Max builder hall?

Builder Hall 1 Max Levels List

You will be moved to builder hall level 2 in the tutorial itself. So it won’t take you much time to move to the next builder hall.

However, maxing out to the ninth level of builder hall is a long journey that you must take. Many clashers have admitted that upgrading builder hall is difficult and boring as compared to the town hall.

But don’t worry we have several tricks and tips that you can use to max out your builder hall quickly.

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How do you max out builder hall fast?

The easiest way is by using gems. You can buy as many gems as you want from the shop but then again it will cost you a lot of $$$$

If you do not want to spend a penny and still want to max out your builder hall quickly then I would advise you to use the clock tower wisely and complete all achievements of the builder base.

Don’t forget to participate in events that can provide you with a clock tower potion or gems that you can use to give a minor boost to your master builder.

Don’t forget to participate in clan war leagues which will give you league medals. You can use these league medals to buy Hammers which can instantly finish your upgrade.

There are currently three hammers available for purchase –

  • Hammer of Building – This can be used to instantly finish any building. You don’t even need the required amount of elixir/gold to upgrade the building. The only thing you need is that your builder should be free.
  • Hammer of Fighting – You can use this hammer to instantly finish any troop upgrade in your star laboratory. Again you don’t need the required amount of elixir/gold available in your storage.
  • Hammer of Heroes – This hammer is used to instantly upgrade your hero to the next level. The Battle Machine can be upgraded to 30 levels therefore this hammer can come in handy.

A hammer will cost you 165 league medals which are easily won if you participate and perform well in a clan war league.

Builder Base Max Levels Tips

Another cool method is to participate in clan war games. You have to score 4000 points and encourage your clan to reach the 50K points milestone.

If this happens then you can collect rewards that can be used to speed up your upgrades in both villages. For the builder village, you can collect a clock tower potion or wall of rings.

A Less conventional method is selling home village potions in exchange for gems and then using those gems to reduce your builder battle matchmaking.

If you are ready to spend money but not too much then the best option for you is to buy a gold pass every month. It will barely cost you $7.

You can complete season missions and collect gold pass rewards. Some common rewards available to you will be a Book of building, a book of fighting, book of heroes. You can use these books just like the hammers. If you have enough gold/elixir then use the books to instantly finish any upgrade.

Not only this but you will also win a rune of builder elixir and a rune of builder gold. These runes will fill your elixir storage and gold storage to the max. This will give your master builder enough to upgrade any building on the base.

Apart from this your builder upgrade time and star laboratory research time will also reduce by 20% (along with the upgrade costs).

I strongly recommend you buy a gold pass as it can give you a quick upgrade on both villages.

Since you do not stay long enough on builder hall level 1 therefore you do not need to worry about builder hall 1 max levels. However, if you are wondering about What are the max levels for BH7? Or How long does it take to max BH 8? Then stay tuned to our blog as we share every trick related to the clash of clans here.

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