Builder Base Walls (2023) Upgrade Cost, Gold or Elixir Or Rings, Best Strategy

Builder Base walls are a lot different from the walls that you are familiar with from the home village. First of all Builder base walls are not separable like the Home village.

Secondly, Builder base walls are in limited quantity thereby limiting your design to use the whole village of builder hall.

Many Clashers will agree that walls on the builder base are way more crucial in winning battles than the wall on Home village.

How many walls does the builder base have?

Here is a table to show how many walls will you have at each builder hall level.

BH Level123456789
Number Available10205075100120140160180

As you can see from the table, the walls number is multiple of 20 after builder hall level 4. Please note that a wall structure in the Builder base is of size 5X1.

builder base walls

In simple words, it means that 5 wall pieces join to make a wall structure at the builder’s base.

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When should I use a wall ring builder base?

This is an important question when it comes to builder base strategies. The wall ring is a magic item that can be used to upgrade the wall instantly in place of gold or elixir.

However, upgrading different levels of walls would need a different number of wall rings. I would strongly suggest you use a wall ring to upgrade builder base walls instead of walls on the home village.

This is because you will easily loot the required gold and elixir to upgrade home village walls but to upgrade builder base walls you will have to wait for 2-3 days of daily battle challenges so that you can collect enough gold/elixir to upgrade higher level walls.

You can buy wall rings but I would suggest you either use your league medals to buy them or win them from clan games or complete special events that give wall rings as rewards.

How do you upgrade builder base walls?

There are not many strategies to follow while upgrading builder base walls. I have maxed out several builder bases and I followed only one specific strategy i.e. to upgrade walls in the end. You can easily upgrade walls up to level 3 because it will cost only 100K gold.

However, after level 3 you will be in dilemma on whether to use the looted gold on upgrading walls or to upgrade buildings first. I will strongly suggest doing the latter because walls can be upgraded instantly whereas upgrading buildings will take time.

That time can be utilized to collect more gold/elixir which in return can be used to upgrade walls. Therefore always prioritize buildings over walls.

How do you separate walls in the builder’s base?

There are several forums dedicated to the clash of clans where players asked whether they could separate the walls as individual wall pieces in the builder base.

The Answer is NO.

You can not separate builder base walls into singular pieces as the walls work as one structure of 5×1 pieces.

Due to this specific feature, you are forced to design your base in such a way that there are not many compartments. However, a clever builder base designer knows that gaping plays a vital role in perfect base design instead of compartments.

Builder base walls cost

Here is the complete chart that shows how much it will cost to upgrade the different levels of walls. Currently, the builder base walls can be upgraded up to the highest level 9.

Cumulative Cost
Cumulative Cost
Wall Rings
Builder Hall Level Required

The cumulative cost gives you an idea about how much gold/elixir you have to loot.

Builder base walls too expensive

Yes, Builder base walls are even more expensive than home village walls. This is because at the home village you can go to multiplayer battle anytime and loot the required amount of resources.

Ideally, you can upgrade a dozen wall pieces (after TH11) just by looting resources using 1-hour resource potion boost and the sneaky super goblin army.

Things are a lot different at the builder base. Even though you can go to versus battle anytime but you can win a loot bonus only once every 22 hours. This makes it a lengthy and irritating task to collect gold and elixir at the Builder base.

Moreover, you have only one builder who has this base so you are always staring at the question of what to upgrade first. Luckily we have made a detailed guide for each builder hall level where you can see which building should be upgraded first and why.

Can you use elixir to upgrade walls in the builder base?

Yes, you can use elixir too to upgrade builder base walls. It will cost you a lot of gold to upgrade your walls up to level 6. After that, you can upgrade these walls either by using gold or elixir.

No matter what you think about walls but these are the most intimidating defense against enemy troops. Youtube is full of videos where enemy ground troops were stuck beyond a wall while getting destroyed by an X-bow or inferno or even cannon.

You might not max out walls at each builder hall level but if you use your gold/elixir wisely then you can upgrade them to safe levels atleast. Follow our guides to learn how to do so.

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