40+ Best Town Hall 5 Base Designs (2023) War, Farming, Hybrid, Trophy Layouts

A Town hall 5 base needs to be good at defense against village attacks as well as in clan war league. We are presenting you here some of the best th5 base layouts that you can easily copy via link.

At Town hall 5 you will have a total of 45 buildings including the traps and town hall itself. You will have a total of 100 walls of level 5 (max) that you can use to design and protect your base.

Before you start designing your base you must be clear in your head regarding your goal. If you want to design town hall 5 base for clan wars then your focus should be to protect your town hall. If you are designing a farming town hall 5 bases then you have to protect your resources including the storage, mines, and collectors.

If you want to design a trophy town hall 5 bases then you need to design a spread out the base that makes it difficult for the opponent to earn three stars. There are also hybrid town hall 5 bases that have can be used for multi-purpose.

You don’t have to worry much as we provide you with all kinds of town hall 5 bases on this page.

Let’s take a look at the buildings available for town hall 5 base –

As you can see that we unlock wizard tower at town hall 5. This is a really important defensive building as its damage type is area splash just like mortar. A Mortar can not defend itself against enemies below the 4 tile range.

A Wizard tower overcomes this shortcoming as it can splash kill enemies in close range. Moreover, it can also deal damage to air troops.

You have three most important defenses at this town hall – Mortar, Wizard Tower, air defense.

A Mortar will kill ground troops like barbarians, giants, archers, wizards, and wall breakers, An Air defense will kill air troops like balloons.

A Wizard tower will kill any kind of troop that comes in range.

Most clashes repeat a mistake – they place all these buildings in the same compartment. While you can experiment with designs but if you want a safe and well-protected base then keep these buildings in different compartments.

You don’t have to place these buildings far away. Just make sure that your buildings are not in one compartment. Your enemy has to destroy layers of walls to reach them.

A Mortar can be placed in the same compartment as air defense. You can place a wizard tower in a neighboring compartment in such a way that it can also protect either one from mortar or air defense.

Among the traps, you will unlock air bombs. These can be really handy tools against balloons, healers, and minions. Usually, you won’t see any healer or minion army attacking your town hall 5 bases.

However, sometimes an opponent can bring these troops to their clan castle. You need to place air bombs far from each other. Usually, I prefer them near storage because my main goal is to protect my resources. You can do the same.

Spring traps are best for a giant army. You can make a hollow base where you leave a path between walls for troops to move. You can set traps in these holes. The giants will follow the provided path and thus they will trigger the spring trap.

Another big mistake people do at this town hall is that they place bombs in one line or one group. This results in the triggering of all bombs together which does little damage.

You should place bombs separately at such locations where you are sure a troop will come. Usually, I place them around the corners of the town hall. This Is because sometimes enemy troops overcome all defenses and reach near town halls.

At such time either the number of troops is 5-6 or the remaining troops have low hitpoints left.

A hidden bomb can take out life of these troops thereby shocking the attacker at the very last moment.

These are my personal preferences but you can modify your base as per your choice. Here we are providing you 40+ best town hall 5 base designs that are best for farming, war, trophy, and hybrid layout

Hybrid Town Hall 5 Base Layout


Town Hall 5 War Base

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