16+ Best TH3 Base Layouts With Link (2023) Anti Giant Design

There are few bases in clash of clans that can be called Best TH3 bases for trophy and war. At Town Hall 3, you do not have many buildings to set up your base layout.

If you are an avid clasher then you do want to defend those few buildings (especially your resources) from the attackers. This is why you need to download the best TH3 base design. Here we provide you the top town 3 bases designs that you can easily copy with the link.

First of all, if you have read our guide on clash of clans max out then you already know that you are not going to spend much time on town hall 3.

Best TH3 Base for War

You can max out this town hall in less than 24 hours. You can follow our upgrade order priority for that.

Again if you have knowledge about Clash of clans gameplay then you know that in such a short period your base will face only one or two attack

However, it becomes important to set up the best TH3 base if you are participating in clan war or clan wars league.

In such a scenario, you might end up giving three stars and losing the battle for your clan.

To avoid such situations you can follow our layouts of the best th3 base from here.

Town Hall 3 Base Buildings

At Town hall 3 you will have the following set of buildings –

Building TypeBuilding NameNumber of BuildingsBuilding Level
Resource BuildingsElixir Collector36
Gold Mine36
Elixir Storage26
Gold Storage26
Builder Hut2-5N/A
Army BuildingsBarracks25
Army Camps23
Clan Castle11
Defensive BuildingsCannons24
Archer tower13

Now you can see that the most important defensive building in the above set is the mortar. At TH3 you will be facing more attacks than air attacks.

A Mortar can kill ground troops in the 4-11 range. As it does splash damage therefore it is a deadly weapon against barbarians, archers, goblins, and wall breakers. Giants will take high damage from the mortar.

So the basic idea of all the bases that you can set up at Town hall 3 would be to keep your mortar behind walls and well protected.

Tips for Best TH3 Base Design

Before we jump onto the base designs let me give you two quick tips –

TIP 1 – At this base, you should learn that non-defensive buildings like barracks, mines, collectors, army camps, laboratory, and storage too are your friends.

You can use these buildings like a path blocker. Usually, all your troops except the giant will leave defensive buildings alone and waste their time hitting the buildings blocking the path.

This gives mortar a chance to wipe all archers or barbarians in the hoard by just one splash bomb.

TIP 2 – Spread out your base as much as possible.

When you design your base layout you will see that If two buildings are placed at three tiles gap that leaves a jump point between them.

Attackers can use these jump holes to directly launch their troops at the same point and give them a chance to destroy the base quickly.

Our main goal is to waste the time of opponents’ troops in moving from one point to other. This can be done by placing buildings in two tile range.

The shadow of the buildings blocks path of opponent troops and they can not directly funnel inside the base. Moreover, there is no jump point left for opponents to directly launch troops.

At the higher town hall, many clashers trick opponents into giving jump points loaded with hidden traps. We will discuss that at the higher Townhall level. For now, you do not need to give jump points.

Set all buildings at a two-tile gap.

The Best TH3 Base

Now take a look at the Best TH 3 Base layout

best th3 base
Best TH3 Base Layout

This is my base design at town hall 3. You can see that I have placed mortar at the center of the base. It is well protected by storage.

This way I am killing two flies with one arrow. I am protecting my mortar by hiding it behind storage that has 1400 hitpoints.

Secondly, I am protecting my storages from barbarian and goblin attacks by hiding them behind walls. I didn’t use the town hall at the center because my mortar is capable enough to wipe out any Town hall 3 army.

Don’t Believe me?

Here is my defense log –

best th3 base design with link

You can see that my base was attacked by higher-level town halls too. There is a balloon attack, an ice wizard attack that has wizards too. There is an all-archer attack too and a well-formed GiBarch too.

Still, my base didn’t allow the opponent to steal 3 stars. Yeah, I did give away some loot but then again you can not make a 100% secure base at Town Hall 3. We will do this at later town halls.

Now take a look at 16 Best TH3 base designs

best th3 base design with link

Town Hall 3 War Base

best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link

Town Hall 3 Defense Base

best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
best th3 base design with link
town hall 3 farming base

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