Berry’s mini adventure!

Jun 15 2017, 9 34 am

Updated Aug 9 2017, 11 36 am

Brilliant Facebook review from Richard and Teri, telling us all about their adventure in Berry!

Our adventure in Berry 9-12 June 2017.

"So our adventure began with a trip to the Isle of Wight, our children Luke, who is nearly 3 and Imogen, 6, along with my wife Teri duly collected Berry from the excellent New Forest Safari Campers. We were off, we even managed to sneak onto the ferry an hour early, I think this was down to Berry's good looks and not mine. We headed to our Campsite where the fun began! Everything was supplied and at hand in our camper and we couldn't have asked for more.. well maybe power steering but that's just a modern luxury we have all got too used to.

We chose Berry as she was born in 1974, and what better way to celebrate my 43rd birthday on the 11th of June than to spend it in company of my family and Berry. On the morning of the 11th I turned the same age as Berry, and to be honest she looked better in the morning than I did!

We had an excellent time exploring the sights of the Isle of Wight had to offer and we got lots of waves and complimentary comments.

Thank you and see you again soon!"

Thank you so much for your wonderful review, glad you had a great adventure!

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