Barbarians Max Levels (2023) Army Compositions, Attack Strategies, Super Troop Worth

Barbarians are the first troop that you get in the clash of clans game. Barbarian troop plays a vital role in low-level town halls i.e. from town hall 1 to town hall 6. It still finds some use at middle order town hall levels from TH7 to TH11.

However, at higher town halls only experienced players take risks with barbarian army. Here we will tell you how to use barbarian effectively and are barbarian attacks worth it at all town halls?

Are Barbarians good in COC?

This is the most common question asked by the clash of clans players regarding Barbarian. After all, this melee troop is often used as the logo of the clash of clans game since the beginning. Therefore, it is obvious to wonder if Barbarians are good enough.

Barbarians are melee troops and they target only a single building. While this does not pose any problem among archer towers and cannon of lower town halls but after the introduction of wizard tower and mortar at higher town halls it gets difficult to score three stars with a mass barbarian army.

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Moreover, hidden traps such as giant bombs can result in tombstones for a barbarian group. Higher-level walls also get difficult for barbarians to break through quickly. But many YouTubers have shared attack strategies where barbarians are effectively used.

These are basic stats of Barbarian that you can find in the info section of the game.

barbarians max levels coc
Target Attack StyleHousing SpaceSpeed Attack SpeedBarracks LevelRange
NoneMelee (Only Ground)1161s10.4 tiles

Is Barbarian worth it?

From the basic stats, it is clear that barbarian neither cost too much to train nor they take too much time. In fact, you can train a mass barbarian army in less than 10 minutes (at all town hall levels).

After looking at the basic stats we cannot give a clear judgment on whether barbarians are worth it or not. It is important to check the whole stats of barbarian of different levels.

What is the max Barbarian level?

Here are all the levels upgrades of Barbarian at different town halls.

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per AttackHitpointsTraining Cost
Research Cost
Research TimeLab Level
626261252001,400,0001d 12h7
834342053004,000,0004d 12h9

As you can see the max upgrade of Barbarian is level 10. An LVL 10 barbarian has 5.55 times more hitpoints than a level 1 barbarian whereas 5.25 times more damage per second.

This is not a tremendous upgrade given that we have more than 50 defenses at higher town hall levels (TH11 to TH14) and the splash damage defenses also increase significantly.

Therefore a mass barbarian army after Town hall 7 is not worth it. A weak Town hall 8 bases can give 3 stars but a weak TH9 base won’t even allow barbarians to score three stars.

What are super Barbarians COC?

The super version of Barbarian is super barbarian which is much better than normal barbarian. We have discussed it in detail on our blog.

Is Hog Rider stronger than Barbarian?

This is an actual question asked on Reddit. Yes, Hog rider is stronger and a hundred times better than Barbarian. A hog rider will attack defenses while jumping over the walls. A barbarian will stay stuck on the walls.

Is Archer or Barbarian better?

This comparison is also common. Every clash of clans fan knows that the Archers are way better than barbarians. These can destroy defenses beyond walls. A mass archer army can still push you to crystal league even at TH11.

Best Barbarian Attack Strategies

A mass barbarian army is not feasible therefore it is important to include Barbarian in different army compositions. You can try mass barbarians raid up to town hall 6. Some common army compositions that you can try are –

BARCH – This army includes 50% housing space of Barbarians, 50% housing space of archers. The barbarians act as a meat shield whereas the Archers destroy the buildings in the way. This strategy works up to town hall 6. You can give it a try at TH7 too.

GIBARCH – This is the advancement of BARCH. We use 30% housing space of Barbarians, 30% housing space of archers, 40% housing space of giants. Wall breakers can be optionally added when at TH7 and TH8.

You can score three stars using this strategy up to Town hall 8. At TH9, the archer queen and X-bow don’t allow this combination to be successful. 

Filler Troops – Apart from the above two strategies you can add barbarians like a pinch of salt in a dish in any ground troop army composition. Their main purpose would be to lure out clan castle troops. Don’t use more than 5% housing space of Barbarians after town hall 8.

What other queries do you have regarding Barbarians? Do let us Know.

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