Archer COC Max Levels (2023) Best Attack Strategies, Army Compositions and Super Troop Worth

Everyone Love Archer COC. Archers are the second troop that is unlocked in Clash of Clans Game. However, unlike Barbarians, Archers enjoy huge popularity and dedicated online fandoms.

This is mainly because this troop unit stays relevant even at higher town hall levels. Many popular YouTubers use archers in their strategies to either lure and kill CC troops or to confuse multi inferno towers.

Here we analyze in detail how you can use archers in your coc army and how powerful their super troop version is.

Archer COC Explained

It is the second troop that you get in-game. You have been introduced to this troop right away and therefore you get easily familiar with an archer. They can attack both air and ground units.

Archer queen is the hero that spawns archers during the hero ability boost. The archers spawned are of the same level as the Archers of your current town hall.

Usually, archers play a vital role till town hall 7 however after that you have a wide variety of troops unlocked. Therefore many clashers do not focus on archer armies much.

Mass archer attacks can be carried out at any town hall level but they are most efficient at lower town halls.

These are basic stat of an archer –

archer coc
Preferred TargetAttack TypeHousing SpaceMovement Speed Attack Speed Barracks Level Required Range 
NoneRanged (Ground & Air)1241s23.5 tiles

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Archer Max Levels in Clash of Clans

These are the maximum levels an archer can be upgraded to at each town hall

LevelDamage per SecondDamage per AttackHitpointsTraining Cost
Research Cost
Research TimeLab Level
62222444002,000,0001d 12h7
93131567009,000,00010d 12h10

You might not see any significant increase in hitpoints and DPS of an archer but again its best attribute is its cost-effectiveness. You can kill clan castle troops easily with a few cute archers.

Are archers good in COC?

This is a question that many clashers can easily answer. Archers are always useful. You can reach the highest town hall level and you will still find their use in your army.

If you have mastered funneling then you already know that archer is the most cost-efficient troop that can help you in digging deeper in base by creating a wide funnel for high DPS troops.

How far can an archer shoot COC?

Archer is a single target troop that can attack buildings in range. It is the first ranged troop unlocked in the game.

An archer can shoot the target that is in the 3.5 tiles range. It does not have any preferred target and it will attack the next closest building.

Since it does not have a long target range therefore it is important to deploy archers that are out of range of enemy defenses. As it attacks closest buildings therefore you must understand what path your archer will take when you deploy it at different points on the enemy base.

A good strategy is to deploy archer such that they widen the funnel instead of narrowing it. This is because your other troops will probably get distributed before the middle of a narrow funnel and thus lose the upper hand in battle.

Is Super Archer COC good?

The super troop version of the archer is called Super archer. We have discussed it in detail on our blog. You can read it here.

The short answer to the above question is that yes super archers are really good in clash of clans.

What is a sneaky archer COC?

Sneaky archer is the builder base version of the archer. It is similar in appearance to the home village archer however it has a special ability of sneak attack where it will stay hidden from enemy defenses for a few seconds.

Does Super Archer COC work with Queen?

Yes, Super archer can work really well with queen. If you want to try queen walk with super archers then take 1-3 super archers and deploy them near the queen.

Can I have Archer COC as Defending Clan Castle troop?

Many clans love donating archers to their clanmates. Archers are really efficient as defending clan castle troops. Since its storage space is just one therefore any player can have 15-45 archers in its clan castle.

If these are the highest-level archers then they can create big trouble for the opponent’s army. The biggest factor is the number game. The opponent has to dig deep into the base to lure almost all archers from the clan in one go.

Either all archers won’t come out right away or they will distribute over the base in killing opponent troops. This makes it difficult to kill them via poison spells. Secondary too many archers can overwhelm enemy troops.

While the enemy army units are distracted by archers they can be easily killed by eagle artillery or inferno tower or X-bow.

Can I Take Archer in my Clan Castle For Clan war league?

While archers are really good for defending your base they are not as good in attack strategy. The biggest flaw in taking archer COC as clan castle troops is that they get deployed in a group.

This means any giant bomb or mortar splash or wizard splash or bomb tower blast can wipe them out in one go.

Therefore it is not wise to take them as CC troops.

Archer COC Army Composition and Attack Strategies

Archers are like potatoes. They mix well with any troop in Clash of Clans. From Barch to LAVAloon to Queen walk you can take archer in any army composition of your dream.

BARCH (Barbarians and Archer COC) is efficient until town hall 7. You can then replace it with GiBARCH where giants are added to the composition.

GOWIPE too find a major use of archer COC. As told above, archer COC help a lot in funneling so take5-10 archers in any army composition without worrying much.

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