4 Online Apps for Card Game Lovers

Shuffling or holding physical cards are a big part of the gaming experience, but many players are switching to card game apps because of their convenience and other perks. Digital card games are on the rise worldwide with a projected annual 7.11% growth, and Hearthstone, as well as Pokémon, are some of the games that are leading the pack. Thanks to the app versions of the games, it’s easier for people to play a round or to collect must-have cards whenever and wherever they want.

So if you’re starting to miss the thrill of playing card games, here are a few apps that you can enjoy:

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Pokémon Trading Card Game Live

It’s fun to catch Pokémon in your own neighborhood through Pokémon GO. However, Pokémon Trading Card Game Live is perfect for capturing the hearts of old fans because it allows players to collect digital card decks.

Unlike the phased-out Pokémon TCG Online app, the TCG Live version is accessible on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and even Macs. Due to the availability of the app, players can expect a greater pool of opponents who are on the hunt for rare collectible cards. The number of players makes the game even more exciting because you’ll be using your new decks against the international gamers on the app.

Zynga Poker

Most game apps are made for simple fun. But if you want to brush up on your mental skills, you may enjoy the challenges that come with online poker.

Though there are many poker apps out there, Zynga Poker is one of the best apps for playing online poker because you can access and download the game through your phone, Windows device, or even Facebook. This app instantly provides new players with two million play chips, and you can use these to make a bet if you’ve got a strong hand. Thanks to Zynga Poker’s freebies, you’ll be motivated to play your cards right so that you can increase the number of your chips.


Eternal is a fun online app that allows players to build their own decks and see how each card can open up multiple gameplay possibilities.

Given that there are infinite outcomes in the app, many players hack this online game under the radar so that they can get rare cards and gain an edge over their opponents. If you have a VPN installed on your phone, you can hide your activities on the app while you discover secret cards and possible outcomes within the gameplay.


mBit grew in popularity because it allows users to play multiple game variations, including the classic card game blackjack, while using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

In fact, mBit is considered one of the top-rated mobile gaming apps because it supports multiple blackjack variations on the platform. Users even get a welcome bonus, making it easy for players to be bold in taking a hit or a stand in the game. Once the welcome bonus runs out, you can opt to use your own BTC to play another round.

Online card games take classic activities to another level by supporting multiple devices, gathering international players, and presenting new card game elements. Since they can be downloaded onto your mobile phone, it’s far easier to enjoy these games while you’re on the go.

If you’re new to online gaming in general and want to know before you attack these card games, this article on basics for online gaming should help.