Your Guide To Campervanning!

Jan 19 2017, 9 23 am

Updated Jul 11 2017, 10 53 am

We know that Campervanning (especialling in vans as individual and beautiful as ours) is one of the greatest experiences known to humanity.

But we also know that many people would like to know a bit more about it before they take the plunge and set off on safari round the New Forest in one of our vans.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled our very own guide to campervanning in the New Forest.

1. Size Matters. Vintage VW Campers look beautiful, are beautiful. But compared to a house they are a bit on the wee side, even with the pop-tops. Check with our friendly team that you’re hiring the van which best suits the size of your holiday party and you wont go wrong.

2. Don’t worry. About how to use the cooker, fridge or any of the on-board gadgets, as we are happy to demonstrate for you (more than once if needs be.) Before you set off we’ll settle you down to watch our handy video guide to driving your camper (to help you get the best from it) so you needn’t fret about that, either.

3. Bring and Buy. Bring warm pyjamas for little ones and shoes for all that are easy to pop on in case you have to make the dreaded trip to the loo in the night. Bring board games and favourite toys and the chargers you need for your phones. Buy food and drink locally. One of the joys of campervanning is the need NOT to have loads of stuff with you all the time. Another joy of campervanning in the New Forest is that we are one of the UK’s best-kept foodie secrets, with award-winning local cheese, beer, wine, meat, vegetables and fruit. And chocolate too (don’t forget the chocolate…)

4. Plan it. Your camper’s greatest asset is that you will have everything with you (apart from a shower or loo) so make it work. Check out some of the lesser-known New Forest spots and camp-sites to stay overnight, as well as some of the region’s more secret beaches because… you can! Work out, too, where you can go if it’s rainy or chilly (the forest and its surrounding areas have loads of fantastic attractions) and remember, there’s no such thing as not having the right clothes and equipment because they’ll be right with you, stowed neatly away in your van, wont they?

For loads more important information, browse our website, or call our knowledgeable team 01425 621089.

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