NFTA Assessment

Oct 7 2015, 2 06 pm

Updated Jul 11 2017, 11 46 am

We did it again! Passed the New Forest Tourism Association Quality Assessment. And of course the campers passed with flying colours!! Just another thing we are extremely proud of!

Kay Lindsell, one of the assessors sent us a lovely email;

“It was a joy to visit your superbly organised site and see your original certificates proudly displayed on the wall. You have all achieved so much since we visited your fledgling company over 2 years ago. The camper vans are obviously lovingly maintained as they don't seem to have aged in that time!
Now that your assessment is complete I will forward your forms to NFTA Admin. And your new certificates will follow in due course.

I hope your business continues to grow and that the new long distance VW camper Ash adds extra scope for enthusiasts."

Kay Lindsell


Be assured you’re in good hands when hiring a VW Campervan from New Forest Safari Campers!!

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