Frying Pan Pizza

Jul 27 2017, 2 14 pm

Updated Aug 9 2017, 1 50 pm

Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza, well just because you’re camping doesn’t mean you have to miss out on a treat dinner! Why not try out this scrummy frying pan pizza recipe…

290g bag pizza dough mix
plain flour (for dusting)
olive oil
tomato sauce
grated cheese
YOUR CHOICE OF TOPPINGS: cooked chicken, pepperoni, chopped peppers, sliced mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, olives etc

1. Prepare the dough according to packaging, ensure that the dough has been left to rise for about an hour. Divide the dough into two
2. Lightly flour a surface and roll the dough into a circle slightly smaller than your pan
3. Heat the pan to a medium-high heat with a small amount of oil. Cook the dough for about 1 minute
4. Flip the dough over, immediately cover it with a few spoonful's of tomato sauce, cheese and the rest of the toppings
5. Cover the pan and reduce to medium heat, cook for 5 minutes or until cheese has melted
6. Remove from pan and slice the pizza, meanwhile starting the second pizza

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