Exceeded our expectations!

May 14 2018, 10 54 am

Updated May 14 2018, 10 54 am

We’ve just received this¬†fantastic review from Moira and Ed, we love hearing from you and seeing your pictures! Keep them coming!

"Exceeded our expectations!

We rented a van as a trat for Moira's 60th birthday - having previously owned one a few years ago.

It was a Groupon deal but we were treated like loyal customers from the moment we arrived. The van (Mallard) was a last minute replacement for Breeze which had developed an oil leak. It was an upgrade but no extra charge.

Mallard was great and a real eye-turner. Some hills were a bit of a challenge but she made it! All the supplied equipment was good quality and clean.

We loved the whole experience and hope to repeat it again some day.

Thank you New Forest Safari Campers! 10/10

Moira and Ed xx"

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