Campervan hacks!

Apr 16 2018, 3 37 pm

Updated Apr 16 2018, 3 38 pm

Is this your first Campervan holiday? Or just after some tips and tricks to make your “van life”┬ástress free? Follow our hints below for a fuss free adventure!

1. Planning is key: Maybe you're the spontaneous type who likes to see where the road takes you? We dig that, however for a campervan trip, it is best to have a clear idea of where you're heading. At least when it comes to campsites! Campsites can get very busy during the peak season, so to ensure you're getting a good pitch with an electric hook-up it's best in advance!

2. Plan your meals: Our vans have all the implements you will need to make a great home cooked meal, however plan what ingredients you will need before! It really is an annoyance to settle down for the night to cook a fab meal and then realising you've forgotten the Cayenne pepper. Packing up the van to set out and pick up a forgotten ingredient can definitely set you back. Take a look at our easy recipe cards for some ideas!

3. Don't overpack! If you're anything like me, then you love to be prepared! However, although our vans are spacious and comfortable we don't have space for you to bring all of your worldly possessions with you! Pack the essentials!

4. Picking the right campsite: Campsites around the New Forest have a variety of facilities to suit each camper. Think about what you want! Do you want activities? A shop? Restaurants? As campsites vary in costs you don't want to pick a site with all the bells and whistles if you're only after a quiet weekend. Check out our recommended campsites page for some ideas!

5. Stay hydrated: Our vans do have working sinks, however it's not drinking water! Make sure you've got plenty of aqua on board.

6. Enjoy yourself! You're about to have an amazing experience, although there's lots to think about and lots to plan, the main tip we can give you is to enjoy yourself! Relax and take in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest and Jurassic Coast. And most importantly, Have Fun!!

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