Campervan Cooking Tips!

May 8 2019, 11 10 am

Updated May 8 2019, 11 11 am

Our wonderful Volkswagen campers come fully equipped with hobs and cool boxes! However, it’s probably not what you’re used to in your kitchen back at home, so here’s a few useful tips on how to make the most out of your vans cooking facilities!

1. Toast - We all have got pretty used to just popping some bread in the toaster and setting a time, but unfortunately there's no toasters in a classic Volkswagen bay window or split screen. But a great, albeit slightly unhealthy, alternative to toast is fried bread! A tiny bit of butter in a frying pan and cook the bread for a couple of minutes on each side, you've got yourself a tasty morning snack! Even better, cook yourself up some bacon and eggs in the pan first for some extra flavour!

2. Overnight oats - want to save time for breakfast in the morning? Pop some rolled oats into a mug with a little bit of milk and some blueberries and leave to soak in the cool box over night! Perfect to enjoy cold when you wake up or warm through on the stove! If you prefer things a bit sweeter add some chocolate powder or banana! Oats are also a great source of slow release energy so it will keep you going all day!

3. Safety First! - It's super important to ensure you're always safe and sensible when using your campervan kitchen. After cooking, make sure both of the hobs are completely turned off and always make sure the gas valve is closed on the gas bottle. You can find more details of this in your campervan vehicle handbook.

4. Plan ahead! - Take a look at your campervan inventory to see what you have available in the way of cooking utensils. With this, plan some tasty meals. Some of our customers even like to prepare food at home to be warmed up in the van!

5. Campervan cooking recipes - There are literally hundreds of easy recipes online, perfectly designed to be cooked inside a campervan. Take a quick google and find something to tickle your fancy!

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