Berry’s New Forest Adventure!

May 16 2018, 12 07 pm

Updated May 16 2018, 12 07 pm

We’ve just THE¬†sweetest review left in Berry’s guestbook by our¬†youngest VW fan, this just reminds of us of why we do what we do! Take a read…

"It all started like this... we went to go and get Berry. Once my mum and dad saw her they were amazed. We got a tour around Berry and she was beautiful! Anyway, after that we went to the campsite, it was very big and clean. First thing I did was to get the roof up, I was soo excited, but after a few days I was a bit bored, so my dad told me to make some friends but I was too shy but in the end I made some friends. It was a good day to make a friend because it was SUNNY so after that I went out.

I went to Go Ape after that, I had a water fight with my friend Pearl and Cici. So the next day it was time to go :( but I was happy too because it was my birthday the next day! :)

The End.

Best campervanning trip ever!"

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