An inspired Family Trip!

Aug 9 2017, 10 51 am

Updated Aug 9 2017, 11 14 am

We’ve just been sent in this wonderful collage of photos and review from Michelle and Jonah who hired Ocean. Check it out!

"We found a photo recently from a holiday from over 20 years ago where we had spotted a VW camper and both agreed that we would love to go on a trip in one. We decided to use it as inspiration for this year's holiday for a south coast road trip which started with 4 night hire of Ocean from New Forest Safari. Staying at Lymington & Brockenhurst the trip was he perfect blend of an 'old school' British holiday of coast and woodland.

Ocean was as cool as we hoped, had everything we needed and we loved how seamlessly everything fitted together. It was a great way to spend some quality time together and a trip we won't forget. Hopefully it wont be 20 years before the next one!"

Thanks again from Michelle Paul & Jonah Clare
P.S - I attach the photo that inspired the trip! x

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